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Taysir Khaled welcomes the efforts to achieve national reconciliation and calls for preparing for the national council before the end of the year
September 8, 2017

The Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), comrade Taysir Khaled, welcomed all efforts aimed to achieve the national reconciliation, restore the unity of Palestinian political system and pave the way for holding a meeting of the Palestinian National Council, in which a comprehensive political review will be carried out for the last years of Oslo Accords, and a renewal of legitimacy for PLO leading bodies starting with the presidency of the Council to the Central Council and the Executive Committee.

Comrade Khaled denied at the same time what is being circulated about the intention of Palestinian leadership to hold the National Council, before going to the United Nations this month and he confirmed that "there is no connection between the heading to the General Assembly of the United Nations and holding the National Council".

He also preferred the opinion of President Mahmoud Abbas after his return from China on 20 July about calling for the convention of the Preparatory Committee of National Council and that the Palestinian Central Council to hold a session in September, which would also strengthen the position of Palestinian leadership before going to the United Nations.

He confirmed that the Executive Committee did not set a specific date for the convening of the Palestinian National Council, and he stressed on its decision to continue the consultations between all political and popular parties in the Palestinian community, to reach a national council, with the participation of all without exceptions.

Khaled said in a press statement that he did not see the possibility of holding the Palestinian National Council during September, explaining that the reason is that the Executive Committee, the competent authority, has not taken the decision yet, but it left matters open for consultations.

Moreover, he stressed that the convening of the National Council is a long-awaited national entitlement. However, it is expected that preparations will be made for the convening of the National Council, in order to strengthen the Palestinian national unity within the framework of the Palestine Liberation Organization and to constitute a starting point for ending the division and restoring the Palestinian political system within the framework of Palestinian National Authority.

He also pointed out that there should be no rush in convening the National council, but it should not be left open for an unknown time, stressing on the need to hold it before the end of this year. The Council has held 22 sessions since its establishment, and its last session was a regular one in 1996 - Gaza Strip, and an exceptional one in 2009 – Ramallah.


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