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Tayseer Khalid calls on the Secretary General of the United Nations to refer the “Apartheid Wall” dossier to the International Criminal Court
July 13, 2015

A call was made on July 8, by Tayseer Khalid, a member of the executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and head of the Palestinian National Committee for the Register of Damage of the Apartheid Wall, to the United Nations and its Secretary General to break its silence and to take immediate actions in order to put an end to the Israeli government’s defiance of the international law, the legitimacy of the international community rulings and the edicts of the International Court of Justice regarding the wall of annexation and illegal settlement expansions which has been erect by Israel deep inside the 1967 Palestinian territories.

Mr. Khalid added that the Israeli disregard of international law has reached a height which cannot be ignored by the United Nations and its bodies and especially after the Israeli Supreme Court has given the green light, and upon the eleventh anniversary of the International Court of Justice decree on July 9th, 2004, to the Israeli Ministry of Defence to begin the construction of the Apartheid wall in the Cremisan Valley over land belonging to Bait Jala’s residents. Such actions give direct indications, further evidences and clear statements of the level of cynicism and disregard shown by Israel and its courts toward international law and International Court of Justice, which is considered to be the highest International judicial body and the one which unanimously decided to call upon Israel to stop the construction of the annexation and expansion wall and the demolition of what is already constructed and to mend the damage caused to the Palestinian people and its governmental and civil institutions.

Tayseer Khalid asserted that the green light giving by the Israeli Supreme Court to the Israeli military allowing it to continue the construction of the annexation and settlement expansion wall over Palestinian lands in the province of Bethlehem is in itself sufficient damnable evidence which imposes on the Palestinians the need to seek the assistance of, and call upon, the International Criminal Court to list the names of the president and judges of the Israeli Supreme Court on the international justice wanted list according to article VIII of the Rome Statue of the court which classifies the settlements, including the annexation and expansion wall, as a war crime act.

Furthermore such decree by the Israeli Supreme Court is damning evidence which should compel the United Nation Secretary General, and without hesitation, to assume his role in activating the International Court of Justice’s ruling. Furthermore, we call upon the Secretary General to refer the annexation wall’s file, being one of the most dangerous stages of the Israel settlement and Judaization project, to the International Criminal Court and to call upon it to take actions by commencing a judicial investigation of the Israeli Supreme Court’s decisions, given the fact that it offers a legal cover for the Israeli crimes committed over Palestinian lands occupied during the 1967 aggression, and to expose its president and judges as accountable for violating international law and responsible for defying the International Court of Justice’s rulings, in addition to their encouragement to the Israeli political and security apparatuses to continue in defying the international law and the continuous acts of challenge to international justice.


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