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Tayseer Khaled: The Executive Committee did not discuss the changes in the leadership and the institutions of the PLO are in a state of paralysis
October 18, 2016

Tayseer Khaled , The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization member, a leader in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said; the media deliberated a lot of news about the making of new positions in the organization or the as vice president , or making fundamental changes in the Palestinian leadership, stressing that what recently published about the existence of changes in the leadership or the possibilities that President Mahmoud Abbas to resign are old news, where some are trying to keep the public opinion’s attention away from what we must confront the Palestinian reality.

Then he stressed in an exclusive interview with the Palestine News Network PNN that the members of the Executive Committee did not discuss what was presented about these matters, asserting that these things are belonging to the National Council when it convenes.
Khaled added, there must be a fundamental change in the leadership of the PLO Executive Committee and its Central Council, "these stalled associations that do not have a role", but this issue has not been raised in the Executive Committee.

He stressed that the preparations must be completed for a session of the Palestinian National Council, and everything should be presented on its agenda, starting with the political files, the Central Council decisions, the Executive Committee, and the relationship with occupation, along with the so-called national reconciliation or to be more accurate, to turn the page of the devastating division and to restore the unity of the political system in the Palestinian national Authority.

Khaled said that there are decisions taken by the Executive Committee on these topics, but did not see its way to the light, as the reconciliation and the national relations get rid of the page of devastating division that only benefits the state of the occupation, this along with wide democratic reforms, that must occur on the PLO structures, by providing the required national atmospheres starting from the local council elections, and this is the most important in presidential and legislative elections on the basis of the full proportional representation to end the unbearable situation in which we observe in the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the PA .

Khaled also added, commenting on the statements which were issued about the time of holding the session of the Palestinian National Council: "our brothers in the leadership of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) do well, if they separate their private internal affairs from the affairs of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The statements that come out of the senior officials in the Fatah movement about the holding of Fatah conference first and then the National Council’s is not appropriate, and again our brothers would do well if they act as a political party which has partners in the national affairs.

He added: " The role of the commanding party is over and we do not need it to decide for others, it is a grave mistake to link the national matter with what happens in the Fatah movement or the other national action factions, the national issues are not managed in this way in the Palestinian Liberation Organization but with the democratic agreement between the parties of the National Coalition at the PLO.

As for the closure of the prospects for a political settlement , the alternatives, and the Palestinian options on the national agenda, Khaled stressed about obvious decisions that have been taken at the Palestinian Central Council in a session convened in March of the last year , and in the Executive Committee as well as in more than one meeting, and called for the rebuilding of the relationship with Israel as a state of a racist occupation, and taking gradual steps to disengage from the occupation authorities. Adding that what we need is to implement what we agreed upon at the Central Council and in the Executive Committee’s meetings.

Khaled stressed that disabling the implementation of decisions of the Central Council of the PLO and the Executive Committee is an indication of a crucial imbalance that prevails on the PLO structures, and this significant imbalance indicates about the way of the PLO administration and about the uniqueness policy and ignoring the decisions of the national consensus, and that is against the Palestinian national interest and must stop.

About the existence of a successor to President Mahmoud Abbas, such as what was published about Nasser Al-qudwa . Khalid said that to be a successor to President Abbas in the Fatah movement is belonging to the Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah, which is a private matter for it, explaining that the Fatah is about to hold its conference, and its leaders and members can arrange their affairs to promote the movement as they want.

As for the National affair , Khaled pointed that the news that represent the possibility of creating the position of vice-president in the Executive Committee or in PA , are possible only if the National Council met and decided to amend the statute of the organization, because the statute of the organization does not provide for the position of vice president of the Executive Committee .

Khaled concluded what we need to do is to strengthen the democratic approach and the parliamentary system especially after some of the negatives emerged in the era of the division were represented by wide powers of the so-called institution of the presidency and the executive authority over the legislative and judicial authority , in the absence of the Palestinian Legislative Council , asserting again that the Palestinians do not need to vice president and its approval is not possible because of the laws.


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