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The DFLP a bulwark of the struggle of the Palestinian people
By: Juan Dufflar Amel
Mach 27, 2016

The unflinching determination the struggle until the total liberation of the fatherland and the necessary internal unity are achieved, as a factor to conquer final victory, were reaffirmed in the political-cultural activity on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) held at the Arab Union of Cuba (UAC, according to its Spanish acronym).

In his speech, Walid Ahmad, DFLP representative in our country, affirmed that his organization proudly starts its 48th year of life and also begins a struggling march together with its people in order to expel the Israeli occupying force through the establishment of the independent Palestinian State in the territories occupied in 1967, with its capital in East Jerusalem and the return of all the refugees.

In this pursuit, he signified, the Front has been armed with a strategic political vision, and is launching its initiatives without ever abandoning its attachment to national unity.

Ahmad, who is also a member of the National Palestinian Council, pointed out that the DFLP welcomed the Intifada of the Youth as something that cannot be delayed and as a reply to the dead end reached by the political process promoted by the United States, and to its attempts to imposed conditions incapable of assuring the national rights of its struggling people.

After reviewing the diverse factors necessary to turn it into a Global Popular Intifada, against occupation, Walid favored putting an end to the internal division and composing a government of national unity. "The Front greets, with utmost appreciation and esteem, Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Zionist jails and their firmness and resistance vis-a-vis their jailers, and honors the memory of the thousands of martyrs of the Zionist aggression,” he added.

He finally pointed out that the Palestinian people feels very proud because of its bonds of friendship with the dignified people of Cuba, its Revolution, its maximum leader, Fidel Castro, and its President, Raúl Castro Ruz, and reiterated the infinite Palestinian solidarity with Venezuela, vis-à-vis the attempts of imperialist de-stabilization and interference.

On the other hand, Malaintine Etkana, Saharaui ambassador in Cuba, expressed the opinion that the resistance displayed by the DFLP, its maturity and determination were and still are the major pillars of the historical struggle of the legendary Palestinian people in their long and difficult path towards freedom, self-determination and its well-deserved independent State. “The Saharaui people resemble their Palestinian brother because they suffer occupation, repression and constant aggression from the Moroccan monarchy, which occupied a portion of their territory and keep it fenced in by a wall as shameful as the Israeli wall in Palestine, and we thus firmly support the cause of that Arab people, which we also consider our own cause,” he added.

Etkana argued that the legitimate struggle of the Saharauis clarified, at the level of the United Nations, the fact that the Western Sahara is a pending issue of decolonization that must be solved on the basis of the UN resolutions, in the direction of the free self-determination of its people, because Morocco is an invading power on its historic territories. “The visit of Ban Ke-Moon, UN Secretary-General, the liberated territories of the ASDR and to the refugee camps, criticized by Rabat, has sent a clear message of support for international law and the peaceful, just and lasting solution, based on the legitimate rights of the Saharahui people”, affirmed the diplomat. He went on to express, on behalf of the Front POLISARIO and the authorities of the ASDR, his solidarity and fraternity with respect to the leadership and the militants of the DFLP, due to the big achievements obtained during these decades of hard struggles and enormous sacrifices.

In the course of the activity a message sent by Ali Rodriguez Araque, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Cuba, was read, a message of greetings and reaffirmation of the support of the Bolivarian Revolution and of his Government with respect to the Front and his combatants for the sovereignty and liberation of the Palestinian people.

With vibrant and combatant words, Mohamed Abu Srour, outstanding student leader in his capacity as chairperson of the General Union of Palestinian Students, a cadre of the Democratic Front and brilliant student of the last year of medical studies, expressed that this new anniversary of the DFLP the determination of the new generations to defend the beloved land of Palestine is reaffirmed, together with the determination of never surrendering until they see the country free, sovereign and independent, and with Jerusalem as its capital.

Clara Pulido, coordinator of the area of North Africa and the Middle East of the Department of International Relations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, stated the deep solidarity of our people with the just Palestinian cause and called the DFLP a combat-hardened organization and one of the pillars of the struggle of that brother Arab people. “Allow me to begin by also acknowledging the work undertaken for over 20 years by comrade Walid Ahmad, in his capacity as DFLP representative and to wish him good fortune in his forthcoming battles,” she added.

In her closing speech, Pulido mentioned the most recent and tragic developments that have cost new Palestinian lives due to the criminal Israeli repression in the illegally occupied territories. “It is vital to reiterate here, today, certain concepts that are an integral part of the foreign policy of the Cuban Revolution: the right of Palestinians to their own State, the right of Palestinian prisoners to freedom, the right for East Jerusalem to be the capital of all Palestinians and the right for self-determination”, she finally expressed.

The cultural part of the activity was covered by Palestinian students, who danced folkloric and popular dances from their country.

The activity was presided over by the Division General Antonio Enrique Lusson, Vice-President of the Council of State and Ministers, Fernando González Yort, First Vice-President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP, according to its acronym in Spanish), both of them Heroes of the Republic of Cuba, Jennifer Bello, member of the Council of State and Chairperson of the Federation of University Students (FEU, according to its acronym in Spanish), Alfredo Deriche Gutiérrez, Chairperson of the Arab Union of Cuba, and Akram Samhan, Ambassador of Palestine to Cuba, among other personalities from various organs of the State and Government.


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