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The DFLP delegation meets the leaders of the Egyptian parties in Cairo
June 20, 2016

The Democratic Front for the liberation of Palestine delegation in Cairo met a number of the Egyptian parties’ leaders, and discussed with them the current situations in the two sides and generally in the Arabic region. The delegation included of Comrade Fahd Suleiman, Deputy Secretary-General and Comrade Khaled Ata, a member of the Political Bureau.

They met with the Egyptian Socialist Party leadership headed by En. Ahmad Bahaa Al-Din Shaaban, the secretary general of the party. They also met a delegation of the National Unionist Gathering leadership included of Dr. Rifaat Al-Saeed, head of the House of advisors, and Sayed Abdel-Aal the chairman of the party, and Nabil Zaki the chief of the Board of directors of Al-ahali newspaper which represents the party.

Then they met a high leveled delegation of Al-karamah Party headed by Dr. Mohammad Bassiouni, the chairman of the party. And a similar delegation from the Egyptian Social Party, headed by Dr. Farid Zahran, the secretary general of the party.

The Palestinian delegation affirmed in its meetings on the importance of forgetting the futile and fruitless negotiations which were the output of Oslo Accords which arrived to the closed end after a quarter century of failure , and it called for the adoption of a new struggling policy combines between the popular uprising and the internationalization of the Palestinian national issue and rights , including the gaining of the full membership of Palestine State in the United Nations, and extending the state sovereignty on its occupied lands, and calling on the international community to provide protection to the Palestinian people and their land in the face of the settlements and the occupation ,and calling on an international conference under the roof of the United Nations and its resolutions must demand Israel to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian land by the aggression of June 1967 ,and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty and its capital the Eastern Jerusalem , and to ensure the return of refugees to their homes and their properties which they were evicted from them since 1948, according to UN resolution 194 .

The delegation emphasized on the need to continue opening the Rafah crossing, to ensure the common security interests of the peoples of Egypt and Palestine, and provides an opportunity to rebuild what was destroyed by the aggression, and to treat the living and humanitarian issues which the people of the Gaza Strip suffering from them .

The Palestinian delegation listened to the opinions of the Egyptian parties that it met them about the Egyptian situation and people ,which demand an Arabic efforts especially on the popular level ,to protect the Arabic people interests in a national state provides to its people their rights in the citizenship, social justice, security and stability , equitable distribution of wealth , fighting against the corruption ,and preventing the waste of national wealth and dedicating it in the service of the poor and popular sides.


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