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The European Alliance in Defence of Palestinian Detainees will hold its Second Conference in Germany
March 24, 2015

The second Conference of the European Alliance in Defence of Palestinian Detainees will be held from May 30th - 31th 2015. It will take place at: 10243 Berlin, Germany; 1 Franz-Mehring-Platz

In an atmosphere of responsibility towards our national interests, in support of our brave detainees and in order to further push their cause, the first preparatory meeting for the second conference of the European Alliance in Defence of Palestinian Detainees was held on February 21, 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

There, the attendees discussed the steps necessary to foster a broad European participation of all kinds: parliamentary and politicians, party representatives, civil society organizations, European civil-rights organizations as well as media outlets - from all European countries.

The attendees also stressed the importance to integrate the relatives of the prisoners and on their top their leader Marwan Al-Barghouthi, comrade Ahmad Saadat, Samer Al-Issawi, Karim Younis, Amir Makhoul, as well as Umar and Abdallah Al-Barghouthi.

It was furthermore agreed that further preparations would be taken care of in cooperation with the following organizations: Committee of Expatriates in the PLO, The Committee of Freed Detainees, Club of the Palestinian Detainee, the non-governmental organizations “Adameer" and “Hurriyat", The Abu Jihad Al-Wazeer Centre, The Centre for Education and Treatment of Victims of Torture, The Global Movement for the Protection of Children, Al-Haqq Organziation and The Higher Committee for the Affairs of Freed Detainees.

The role and support of the Palestinian embassy in Berlin for all these matters was conclusively asserted.

The meeting also calls upon all Arabic and Palestinian communities and organizations to support this conference financially and morally in order to be a success. In order to gain global relevance and publicity we decided to invite activists from North- and South America as well as from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

Dr. Khaled Al-Hamad, general coordinator of the European Alliance, stressed that the conference will hold several panels dealing with different issues concerning the detainees such as child-detainees, women in detention, administrative detention and ways and possibilities to officially intervene with the authorities of the occupation. The panels will be held in English and Arabic.

The meeting also decided to start preparations for a cultural section and to take all steps necessary for the planned exhibition ”candles of freedom" which will last one week.

In his final statement the meeting called upon all national, Islamic and national media forces to support this conference in order it be a success.

All interested parties are asked to register at the following E-Mail address: asrafalastin@web.de

Coordination of the European Alliance in Defence of Palestinian Detainees C/o: Dr. Khaled Hamad / Liegnitzstr. 28 / 53721 Siegburg, Germany / Tel: +49 171 5411168 / Fax: +049 2241 2653744 / asrafalastin@web.de

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-European-Alliance-in-Defence-of-Palestinian-Detainees/590907887618242

Source: The-European-Alliance-in-Defence-of-Palestinian-Detainees/Facebook

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