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The Palestinian delegations in Moscow met with the Russian Foreign Minister
January 21, 2017

Comrade Ali Faisal, a member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a member of its delegation to Moscow dialogues - which are being held by the invitation of the institute of Orientalism and under the sponsorship of the Russian Foreign Ministry - revealed the results of the consensus between the Palestinian delegations on the one hand, and between the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, on the other hand, who assured to the Palestinian delegations on Russia's permanent seeking to reach the Arab Palestinian-Israeli conflict to a real peace, through a comprehensive international conference to provide the necessary conditions for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital Jerusalem, on the borders before June 4th, 1967. He also stressed the need to implement the Arab peace initiative and the pressure for achieving it.

Lavrov talked about his country's confirmation on the need to stop the settlement activities, and the need to adhere to UN Security Council Resolution 2334, and its refusal to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, or to continue the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Lavrov also stressed that the Palestinian national unity is the key that paves the way for the Palestinian cause toward the just solution, praising the results of the meeting of the preparatory committee of the Palestinian National Council in Beirut, and the decision to form a national unity government to disarm the pretensions of the hands of Netanyahu.

Lavrov stressed on Moscow's support to the Palestinian national dialogue as a way to end the division, and to agree on direct practical steps in the context of a Palestinian unified national program.

In his turn, comrade Ali Faisal revealed that the consultations between the Palestinian delegations reached to the following position, which was reported to Lavrov, at the meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry, and it states:

• Confirming on the right of the Palestinian people in self-determination to establish the independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty and its capital in East Jerusalem, on the borders before June 4th, 1967 and the return of the refugees in accordance with the international legitimacy resolutions, including UN Resolution 194.

• Supporting the Palestinian people in its resistance to the occupation and using the Russian influence to prevent the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem because it would lead to a destructive explosion.

• Stop dealing with the international Quartet, which equaled in their positions between the executioner and the prey.

• Intervening to stop the settlement according to resolution 2334 and lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip.

• Supporting the results of the meeting of Beirut by convening the elected Palestinian National Council and with the participation of all and the formation of a national unity government.

• Issuing the Moscow Declaration which thanks the Russian role in hosting the Palestinian dialogue.

In the end of the meeting with Minister Lavrov, Comrade Ali Faisal made a statement in which he said that «the Russian role could contribute, in the settlement process in the region, to reach balanced solutions, especially since the US role has proven for a quarter of a century of futile negotiations its absolute bias in favor of the Israeli aggression and killing policy.

Comrade Faisal concluded by giving thanks to Russia, its President, Foreign Minister and the Institute of Orientalism for hosting the Palestinian delegations, which ran a serious dialogue that reached to the positions which are considered a development of what has been reached in the work of the Preparatory Committee of the Palestinian National Council, stressing that the Palestinian people will continue to remember Russia's role in supporting its national fair rights.


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