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The US House of Representatives decision is intended to increase the US support to Israel
January 16, 2017

MP Qais Abdel Karim, "Abu Laila", a deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that the decision of the US House of Representatives which condemned and denounced the UN Security Council resolution (2334), is a form of verbal political advertisement, which is intended to influence on the next administration and to give it the green light to proceed its plans which aim to increase the US support for Israel in contrast to all the international conventions and all international legitimacy resolutions.

Abu Laila added that, “the US Congress, which basically does not reflect the opinion of the American people, is a hostage to those who pay the money and offer the assistances in order to secure the election of this deputy or that, a hostage for the big companies that suck the American people's blood and other peoples in the world. This decision is an expression of the determination of this Congress to put the United States in confrontation with the world as a whole and against the international legitimacy and a bias to Israel which is condemned by the whole world that considers it as a violator to the international law and that commits war crimes in our occupied land”.

Abu Laila continued: “the Intention of this decision is to form a background for the decisions that may be taken by Donald Trump after he starts his post as the US president in 20th of this month, which puts the United States in bilateral alliance with Israel in facing the whole international will”.


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