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Weekly settlement Report: from June 6 to June 13, 2015
By: Madeeha Al-Aaraj, National Bureau to Defend the Land and Resist Colonial Settlements
June 19, 2015

(Israel's Supreme Court intervened in encouraging and supporting the settlement Crimes)

After the government and the Knesset, was the turn of the Israeli Supreme Court, to contribute to the care of the Israeli activities in the West Bank. The government of Netanyahu does not waste time in implementing what has been agreed upon between the Likud, headed by Netanyahu and the party of the Jewish House, led by Naftali Bennett in funding additional budgets for the settlements, especially in Occupied East Jerusalem and in the acceleration in the pace of construction in the settlements and the construction of more housing units in the settlements, as well as for initiating the construction of settlements and the implementation of new settlement schemes and the most dangerous, is on the both sides of the so-called Trans-Samaria road, and to separate the northern West Bank from the center and south and prevent the establishment of an independent state connected and viable. The Israeli Knesset is also being employed to enact legislation and laws that apply on settlers in the West Bank automatically after six weeks of approval, according to what was agreed upon between the extreme right-wing coalition parties in Israel.

Governmental and parliamentary authorities in Israel are working in harmony and cooperation in the provision of support for the settlers and the expansion of Israeli activities. At the end of last week was the turn of the judiciary authority, so the role of the three authorities is complemented, executive (the government) and legislative (Knesset) and the judiciary (the Israeli Supreme Court) in taking care settlement crimes in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem.

Israel's Supreme Court has refused to consider an end to discriminatory policies on housing and construction in the West Bank through a request made by the Palestinian village of Al-Dairat and the Israeli organization "Rabbis for Human Rights", and three other organizations transferring the authority to grant building permits from the Israeli army to the Palestinians. This means clearly, that Israel will retain the higher word in matters related to housing and construction in the area "c" that make up 60% of the West Bank under the Oslo Agreement in 1993.

"Rabbis for Human Rights" organization has considered the judges' decision as it is validating the separation and discrimination system. The organization said in a statement that "the court with this decision the Court reinforced the military control over the lives of millions of Palestinians." "The separation and discrimination system is one of the most ruthless systems, and the Court with its decision, missed an opportunity to put an end to violations of the government," and the army, the organization added.

Numbers issued by the UN says there are 298 000 Palestinians living in Area C, in 532 residential areas. While, according to Israel, 341 000 Israeli settlers live in 135 settlements and about 100 random outposts.

Preparations are taking place to establish a settlement in Kafr Aqab, north of Jerusalem after the evacuation of a dozen Palestinian families from their homes under the pretext that these houses are built on land bought by Jews before more than a decade, also it was unveiled the expansion of the two settlements of "Kokhav Yacoub" and "Beit Horon" near Ramallah by setting up 90 new settlement units. The so-called "land rescue fund" administered by the godfather of the settlement Aryeh King announced that, they plan to set up a settlement in the Kafr Aqab lands after the decision of the evacuation of Palestinian families, which was made by the Israeli judiciary, weeks ago and that the settlers will demand the opening of an access for this settlement through the separation wall to the city of Jerusalem.

The weekly Hebrew "Iroshalim" said yesterday, that at a time when Israel is trying to do its utmost to fight the international boycott and convince the world that the whole wave of settlements construction in all parts of Jerusalem is a legal matter, this project comes to make a new storm.

The occupation government endorsed the so-called "building Givati parking" project opposite to Mughrabi Gate in Jerusalem after only about twenty meters from the wall of the Holy Campus and in accordance with the proposed scheme there will be held in the "parking land " a grand center for visitors including a yard for celebrations and an exhibition for antiquities with a building area of space approximately 16 000 square meters and there will be an underground parking can accommodate 250 cars.

At the same time, the series of crimes and daily attacks by the Israeli occupation forces and the herds of settlers against our armless people ,as the Israeli occupation forces on a new crime shot the Palestinian citizens Izz Al-Din Bani Ghorra from the Jenin refugee camp, and that led to his martyrdom and this crime to be added to the record of the occupation government which is full of daily crimes ,and the leaders of the occupation must be judged over them, as war criminals and place of that is the International Criminal Court.

At the end of last week, Israeli bulldozers have begun dragging the agricultural lands in the village of Wadi Fukin, west of Bethlehem to expand and consolidate the settlement in the region. Bulldozers have worked on dragging a large areas of cultivated land with vegetables and they uprooted more than 60 fruit trees of almonds, apricots, grapes and olives.

The Israeli occupation forces evacuated the end of the week, 30 families in the tower areas and Maleh baths in the Jordan Valley under the pretext of conducting military trainings in them.

In the weekly violations monitored by National Bureau to Defend the Land, were as follows in the reporting period:

Jerusalem: Bulldozers of municipality of the Israeli occupation, demolished three industrial facilities in Khalayleh neighborhood of the town of Jaib northwest of Jerusalem; in the pretext of building without a license, owned by the family of Kiswani, and Two Garages to repair cars, the first ,belonging to Noor Al-Matari, and the second to Mohanad Mansour, and that the child Mohammed Abu Hadwan (11 years) and his sister Fidaa (10 years) were beaten without justification by the Jewish boys on their way to the Alaqsa mosque. The bulldozers (Nature Authority and the Israeli municipality), bulldozed farm trees in the village of Issawiya, belonging to the sons of the late "Sabri Yehia Darwish", an area of about 3 dunums, and the bulldozers deliberately, took off all planted trees since periods ranging between (10-40) years, and they demolished the existing structures on the land of the farm, (a room of about -30 square meters ,a well , the walls and wires), note that the occupation crews refused to show the "dredging and demolition order", and a group of settlers, severely assaulted Shadi Abed Rabbo in his center, west of Jerusalem . The witnesses said that the young Abed Rabbo had been moved to a hospital, west of the city, for treatment, his injuries described as moderate.

Hebron: Israeli occupation bulldozers demolished a residential tent in Asteer area near Mnaizel village, southeast of Yatta. Occupation bulldozers demolished a residential tent near the "Beit Yatir" settlement, southeast of Yatta, belonging to the family of Khalil Abu Qbeita; under the pretext of security, noting that the occupation works on the displacement of the population of the east of Yatta, in favor of the settlement plan aims to grab territories of 15 ruins and villages in the region, and took them from their population, and the settlers in the settlements of ' Kiryat Arba 'and'kharsina', on the territory of Hebron, sent their dogs, on a barn of cattle , in a Wadi Al-Ghrous area, south of Hebron, which belongs to Rajab Al-Natsheh, who lives near the two settlements mentioned, where dogs attacked the farm in which contains 40 heads of cattle, and killed seven heads, and snapped the parts of 20 others.

Salfit: Citizen Mustafa Saleh Musleh (56 years), was injured after an Israeli settlers to ran over him near the settlement of "Ariel" near Salfit , and his injury has been described as moderate to slight, and the settlement of the University of "Ariel" is witnessing a state of expansion and recovery in settlement construction under the name of laboratories and housing students, and the expansion of various colleges which will keep the pace with the increase in the growing of university students, where the workers employed there said that huge buildings being constructed consisting of several floors follow the settlement and the University of "Ariel", and the occupation forces stormed the town of Kifl Haris ,east of Salfit to secure the visiting of settlers to the town in order to visit the Islamic places in the town who they claim that they are Jewish, also thousands of religious settlers have flocked to the town and the occupation forces prevented the citizens in the town and to move , and they put the barriers on the junctions of the town to secure the visit of settlers, and the settlers screamed in the streets of the town and disturbed the citizens and fired anti-Arab slogans, and provoked the citizens in the streets.

Bethlehem: Marwan Mashaalah (24 years) of Jaba'a village west of Bethlehem was injured, due to being run over by an Israeli settler vehicle ,the wounds described between moderate and serious, also the occupation bulldozers, bulldozed farmland in the village of Wadi Fukin west of Bethlehem, amid a protest of a number of citizens who are repressed by the Israeli soldiers by firing tear gas canisters at them, which led to the injury of a number of them from suffocation, where the Israeli bulldozers leveled a land located between the settlements of "Beitar Illit" and 'tsor Hadassah" owned by Sabri Rashad Manasrah , an area of 20 dunums. This leveling sweeping comes in the framework of the establishment of an industrial commercial area, mediated between the two settlements mentioned, at the expense of lands of the villages of Husan and Wadi Fukin, as what the occupation claimed by what was published in the Israeli press, note that the total land that will be robbed in favor of the project amounting to hundreds of dunums, and occupation forces proceeded on the destruction of agricultural projects carried out by the Palestinian Agricultural Relief in the town of Wadi Fukin in Bethlehem ,and the town of Surif in Hebron, where the Israeli bulldozers razed and sabotaged an area of 50 dunums of land that has been reclaimed and they destructed the water wells and the retaining walls and uprooted the seedlings planted there, all that has been done by the guarding of a large number of Israeli army forces that hit a security cordon on the target areas to prevent the arrival of land owners and parents to the scene of the crime.

Jenin: IOF killed, the young man Izz Al-Din Walid Bani Ghorra (23 years), in cold blood, during its incursion into the Jenin refugee camp while he was walking with a group of his friends, including the martyr at the crossroads Jouret Al-Zahab alley despite that there were not any confrontation, where everyone was surprised by the soldiers who fired several shots toward the area that young people tried to flee and after the fall of the affected young, IOF attacked the area and detained him for several minutes, then walked out of the site after they were sure of his martyrdom.

Nablus: Israeli occupation made trainings with live ammunition led to the burning of dozens of dunums of cultivated crops in Dowa area, east of Aqraba, south of Nablus.

Translated by: Ibrahim J. Motlaq

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