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Zaidan: Hamas has reached to impasse, and the DFLP is ready to participate in unity government
January 20, 2016
Saleh Zaidan, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front, said that Hamas is living a hard crisis in the Gaza Strip and reached to impasse, the Palestinian Authority too, is living a hard recession in Ramallah, confirming that the solution for the two parts is by the unity, and by return to the national reconciliation, also by following a new strategy combines resistance and the intifada and by using the weapons of the international law to promote the recognition of Palestinian state. Zaidan added that the formation of a national unity government, will be an introduction of the reconciliation process and the end of the division and the beginning of the correction of the Palestinian track ,pointing that the talks on forming a unity government is just in the invitation process, saying: "If we want to be serious there must be an invitation from the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to the interim leading framework of the of the PLO for the meeting to remove the obstacles from the way of the formation of the government and the completion of reconciliation‚ÄĚ.

Zaidan explained that the framework will gather everyone around a private unified strategy about the youth intifada and convert it to a popular comprehensive intifada.

And about the DFLP participation in the national unity government without the leading framework convention, he confirmed that they will be involved, saying: "If they want to hold comprehensive or extensive consultations by the participation of everyone, we will participate and call for its formation, and when I talked about leading framework in the sense that it is best way and the easiest, but any other way will lead to a national unity government we would not be against it.

He continued: "We are with the formation of a unity government because the existing government set up in order to specific targets", stressing that the unity government will strengthen the UN recognition of the Palestinian state, in conjunction with the promotion of the isolation of the occupation and narrowing its way. Zaidan, at last, promised that the national unity government will be a start of a national alternative strategy for Oslo.

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