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Zidan in the 41st anniversary of Tel Al-Zaatar camp's disaster: calling to the convention of a unifying National Council that renews the program and organization
August 19, 2017

The Executive Council of Tel Al-Zaatar camp recalled the forty first anniversary of Tel Al-Zaatar disaster, by putting flowers on the memorial of Tal-Al Zaater's martyrs, in the Palestinian revolution martyrs cemetery in Beirut, with the presence of Palestine ambassador Ashraf Dabbour, factions representatives, Lebanese and Palestinian parties in addition to popular committees and a lot of honorable people from Tel Al-Zaatar camp.

Comrade Saleh Zidan, a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, delivered a speech in the anniversary, in which he praised the steadfastness of martyrs, the injured and the fighters of this immortal epic.

He added: “We recall this anniversary, in the shadows of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem victory, which assured that durability, sacrifices, and popular resistance are the way to achieve victories, calling for the restoration of national unity and ending the destructive division”.

Also he assured on the importance of convening a unifying National Council and organizing it in a good way, on the base of completing the job of Preparatory Committee that convened in Beirut, and coming out with a political program based on the Central Committee decisions, National Accord Document and restoring the re-election of PLO bodies.

In this anniversary, Zidan called for endorsing the social and human rights of Palestinians in Lebanon in supporting for return right and refusing settling, stressing on building Naher Al-Bared camp.

Zidan concluded his word by stressing that Tal Al-Zaater memory, will stay forever in the mind of Palestinians, and that our national struggle target, will always be towards Palestine in the way of achieving the return, according to resolution 194, and establishing the State of Palestine with its capital in Jerusalem.


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