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Bolivia and Ecuador: Palestine, with Its 1967 Borders, Is a Free State

The Palestinian state, with the borders established in 1967, was recognized by countries of South America as they also called on the PLO and Arab countries to adopt a new strategy with different options

Abandoning the wait-and-see policy and illusions is a national necessity

We call for a new obligatory resolution by the General Assembly and sanctions against Israel to compel it to accept international will

The official spokes of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine stated the following:

The Front Democratic holds in high esteem the decision of Bolivia — presided over by the battle-hardened, revolutionary, leftist and democratic Evo Morales — to recognize the free Palestinian state, with the borders of June 1967.

The DFLP values the action of Uruguay, presided over by the historical leader of the Tupamaro Movement of the revolutionary left, to recognize the independent Palestinian state with the borders of 1967.

This recognition by the governments of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia is a great step forward toward the ultimate recognition of the state of Palestine (with the borders established in 1967) and is an expression assured by those countries of Latin America.

The Democratic Front is proud of the historical relations with the parties of the revolutionary left in Latin America, which have spanned for dozens of years in our common struggle against colonialist, expansionist and Zionist hegemony, and in opposition to dictatorship.

We call on the PLO and the PNA to develop a new strategic political alternative and we are expecting new resolutions from the United Nations and the countries of the world to impose sanctions against the government of Netanyahu-Lieberman with the aim of putting an end to the occupation and colonialism.

The policies of the US government are aligned with the interests of Israel; therefore we request the Arab countries and the PLO to abandon its wait-and-see position and its illusions.

Central Information Office of the
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
December 18, 2010


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