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Union of Health Care Committees - Emergency Appeal

Since 27th of December, the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is deteriorating rapidly due to the Israeli air strikes that are unprecedented in terms of scale of intensity that led to a high number of killed case and causalities.

Up to 30th of December, the Medical situation is as following:

391 people, killed
1820 patients, injured.
250 patients critically injured.
90 people lost, under destroyed buildings

The Israel death tool has not only targeted people but also residential homes of civilians, security premises, mosques, and even universities.

Gaza Hospitals were overwhelmed by the influx of patients and Emergency and operating rooms are under intense pressure.

In the light of this critical and dreadful situation, the Union of Health Care Committees in Gaza has turned to work as emergency centers. The UHCC has utilized its mobile clinics as in-field hospitals.

Yet, the efforts made so far by hospitals and NGOs are not sufficient to respond to the increasing number of casualties due to the limited stock of medical drugs, medical gases, surgical kits, emergency health kits, first aid kits, resuscitation kits, limited quantities of consumable items, laboratory and blood banking items. There is a sharp shortage of these items. It has been reported that 105 items of the essential drug list were at zero stock, 225 consumable items and 93 laboratory and blood banking items out of stock at the central store.

The Union of Health Care Committees is working with other organizations to respond to the needs of victims of the Israeli attacks, those victims who are most of them are civilians from children and women. For this purpose, the UHCC is making an appeal for urgently assisting in providing our medical needs, particularly medical supplies, dressing kits, surgical kits, emergency health kits, first aid kits, resuscitation kits, consumable items, laboratory items. An estimated budget for these needs is located by the end of this report.

On the social situation:

Hundreds of peoples have been relocated from their homes that are located near potential place of bombing. Those people moved to relative houses. The social fabric has completely destroyed in Gaza, with the breakdown of families, great number of human losses. Funeral houses can be seen every where in the Gaza Strip.

Families of dead and casualties, around 2200 families are living in a state of melancholy and grief. Most of the injured people have lost a part of their bodies. They all changed from working people to disabled people which in the current situation of hard situation will be a burden to their families.

Following the destruction, of 64 homes until now, those people are homeless, depending on simple coverings that dose not meet minimum health standers, or moved to relative houses.

All the people live in a state of depression, psychological shocks mental disorder, and deep fear of the current and future situation.

The current livelihood situation is also extremely bad; people are hardly managing their lives. The prices of every commodity have increased four to five times. As the siege that has got more strict by Israel since November 1st, due to the resuming fighting between Israel and Hamas and then the collapse of ceasefire on December 19th.

Children are more suffering with the increasing prices of diapers, milk and basic food. Families are unable any more to meet their needs. Increasing number of our beneficiaries is calling to ask for help and basically children needs.

Union of Health Care Committees Urgent Needs, due to the above situation, an emergency committee of the UHCC has estimated the following requirements:

Items Estimated Budget
Medical Requirement
Medical drugs / Medicine
$ 100,000
First aid kits
$ 20,000
Emergency Surgical kits
$ 25,000
Laboratory Consumables
$ 30,000
Social support
$ 40,000
$ 20,000
Fuel for Mobile Hospitals
$ 10,000
Children Milk
$ 70,000
Food Packages
$ 150,000

Full of Partial contribution for any of the above items are highly necessary and crucial.

For more Information, Please contact Dr. Raed Sabbah

Mobile: 00970599400529

Tel: 0097282841406

Fax: 0097082863211

Email: uhccgz@palnet.com

Bank Account Details:

Bank of Palestine, P.L.C

Bank No. 89

Branch No. 454

Branch name: Rimal Branch

Account No. 1111920

January 7, 2009


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