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A call from the DFLP to not approving on the preventing of the Muslim Call to Prayer

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine warned of the implications of approving the new law to prevent the Muslim call to prayer (Athan) in Mosques by loudspeakers, after it considered it as a new racist law which could be added to the occupation policy, which is also not different from the alleged Temple under the Aqsa’s ruins.

The DFLP declared that this law is one of the ongoing racial intransigence policy of the occupation state beside of all of other policies like the collective punishments, war crimes and field assassinations, all of these practices are examples of the religious Zionist extremists.

This new law comes with the attempts to “impose sovereignty” over the religious places under the occupation, especially which are led by the Interior Minister Jalaad Ardan “Likud” , Aori Araeal “ The Jewish House” and the education minister Benit “ Head of the Jewish House”.

The DFLP added that Zionists are settling our lands and homes then they upset by our religious traditions!

Also the racist Netanyahu said: “ the law is made to have more calm”. All these actions are against the international traditions and laws that guarantee the protection of the holy places and heritages and the protection of people under the occupation.

The DFLP called the Arab Parties and Parliaments, brothers and friends, locals and internationals, to expose the essence and the seriousness of this racial fascist project.

DFLP Central Information
November 15, 2016


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