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A Political Statement on the Occasion of the 51st Anniversary of the Setback of June 1967 (Naksa)

On June 5, 1967, Israel enforced its occupation of all the Palestinian territories, the Syrian Golan and parts of the Jordanian and Lebanese territories, and in the context of the conflict, it also excluded Egypt and Jordan by the Camp David and Wadi Araba agreements and various forms of Arab normalization which have come all at the service of Israeli project.

On the Palestinian front, there were the Oslo Accords which did not meet the minimum hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people for freedom, independence and return over 25 years of negotiations. On the contrary, they have legalized the occupation , created more pain for the Palestinian people and proved their failure to find solutions to the Palestinian cause because of the continuation of murder, arrest, destruction, looting of land, annexation, apartheid walls and their aggression against history, awareness, culture and heritage and their destruction of the Palestinian economy.

All this with the full support of the United States of America, which has turned its back to the rights of the Palestinian people and declared its hostility against it by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying state, moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and working to besiege the UNRWA and draining its resources in order to liquidate the refugee issue.

In spite of this difficult reality, the Arab peoples and their national regimes continue to support the struggle of the Palestinian people. In this context, we affirm the rejection of normalization in all its forms and demand the expulsion of Israeli ambassadors from Arab countries and the provision of all forms of support for the struggle of the Palestinian people.

At the international level, we demand the international protection for our people and the need for an international conference on the Palestinian cause to ensure the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people.

On the Palestinian level, returning to the decisions of the Palestinian National Council in its last session (last April and May) and developing the appropriate mechanisms to implement these decisions without exception. First of all, the re-building the relationship with Israel as an enemy state and a state of colonial occupation and apartheid, which requires to stop the security coordination, disengage from the Paris Economic Protocol, refer the Zionist war criminals to the International Criminal Court (to delegitimize the occupation and isolate the Israeli entity) request the active membership for the State of Palestinian , stop the punitive measures against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, lift the siege and open the crossings.

In Syria, working hard in political and humanitarian levels with the all concerned bodies by the official Palestinian institutions with the Syrian state and with UNRWA in order to develop a plan to enable the return of the people of Palestinian gatherings and camps to their homes, at the forefront of this, Yarmouk camp and to provide all necessaries for the reconstruction, so as to enable the return of the life cycle to them.

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Syria Region
June 5, 2018


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