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Abu Laila makes statements to the press on the 48th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic Front

* This is the moment to leave aside the policy of waiting, and to go from words to facts
* We renew our commitment with martyrs to protect the goals for which they sacrificed their lives
* Any negotiation will be useless if not based on international law and collective sponsorship
* They demand the Palestinian government to apply an economic and social policy in favor of the unity of society and its resistance
* We demand that every Palestinian organization put national interests above all at to work for putting an end to division
* The requirement is to mobilize popular resistance, to amplify it and to develop it in the direction of an integral popular uprising
* We all stand by our prisoners heroes in their battle towards freedom

On February 22, anniversary of the DFLP, Qais Abdel-Karim (Abu Laila), Under-Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that the time had come to stop placing bets on US-Israeli illusions, to forego the policy of stagnation and to turn words into actions, including the official presentation of the issue of settlements to the International Criminal Court, to withdraw the recognition of Israel and to implement the resolutions of the Central Council at its last meeting to stop coordination in security matters with the forces of occupation and to implement a boycott on Israeli economy.

Abu Laila stated, "This is also the moment of mobilizing popular resistance and widening the framework for masses to participate, until achieving an integral popular uprising. The actions of the occupying authorities and the decisions taken by the Netanyahu government with respect to the construction of thousands of colonial units in Jerusalem and the West Bank, including the new settlements that are being created and the bill to steal Palestinian land that was passed by the Knesset, require from the Palestinian party concrete and audacious measures to take the issue to the International Criminal Court and other organs of international justice."

He addressed his greeting and his goodwill to the militants and the martyrs of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the martyrs of the Palestinian Revolution and their families, renewing the commitment of upholding the objectives for which they sacrificed their lives, and at the same time wishing a speedy recovery of the wounded and patience and firmness on the part of the handicapped.

He added, “As we continue onto the 49th year of our blessed Front, inspired by the memory of the martyrs who opened up the glorious path illuminated with their blood, and of the prisoners, who opened it up with their sacrifices and their perseverance, we assure that this anniversary is an opportunity to renew our determination and our decision of following the path to victory.”

"The Democratic Front offered invaluable sacrifices of lives of its fighters, the pains of the wounded and the sufferings of its prisoners and of those detained, and preserved its place in the heart of the movement of Palestinian masses, inside occupied Palestine and in the countries of the diaspora and of exile, and putting always on a first plane the supreme national interest, without doubting for a second about taking the initiative and the audacious posture, free of all types of pressures, except the duty of the commitment with the legitimate national rights of our firm people".

About the latest political developments he said, “In the light of the present-day political changes and the recent US statements about the two-state solution, the USA puts itself beyond international law, thus losing its position as a country eligible for the sponsorship of the peace process. It is necessary to draw lessons from this, burying that process and marching towards the creation of a new national strategy based on the intensification of popular resistance and continuing the work at international level with the goal of questioning and punishing Israel for its responsibility with respect to its violations and war crimes committed against our people".

"Any negotiation which is not based on international law, that preserves the right of the Palestinian people to set up an independent state within the borders prior to June 4 1967, and would not solve the problem of refuges by virtue of Resolution 194, is an absurd negotiation; and if the United States does not comply with those unanimous resolutions of the international community, it is not eligible to take part, as a guarantor, in any political process.

Abu Laila called for the implementation of the Central Council, confirmed by the Executive Council, to put an end to security coordination and to reconsider what is stipulated in the Paris economic agreement, and to increase actions at an international level with a view to isolate and punish Israel, going as far as to impose sanctions for being responsible for war crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

He reaffirmed the continuing struggle of the Front for a policy determined to stimulate economic growth that would have as its goals facing poverty and unemployment by way of assigning a larger share of resources to promote national production, particularly small and medium-size projects of the agriculture and industrial sectors. Besides guaranteeing those sectors protection vis-à-vis Israeli competition, prioritizing zones that have been pushed to the margins, particularly in the countryside, where they face settlements and the apartheid wall.

He requested a revision of the fiscal system, the decrease of taxes on basic goods and services and the adoption of a progressively sliding tax for high levels of income. He also asked for a reconsideration of budget priorities and an increase of the proportion allotted to education, health services, welfare, the fight against corruption and the corrupt, and furthermore, a decrease of the privileges of high officials, a rejection of nepotism, favoritism and intermediation to get a job or a service from government; and to care for the most affected by occupation and especially the families of martyrs, prisoners, those who have been liberated, and the handicapped.

Abu Laila put the national interest above any other consideration, and to work with the aim of putting an end to division and to achieve national reconciliation with a view to advance and to resist the threats facing the Palestinian national project. He said that what is required at the present time is for President Abu Mazen to start consultations with national forces to remove obstacles and to begin the formation of a government of national unity, in conjunction with the start of preparations for general elections, in accordance with the absolute proportional representation system.

He pointed out that at the last gathering, which took place in Beirut, the Preparatory Committee of the Palestinian National Council represented a major progress and an environment of hope that deserves consideration and development to put an end to the unwelcome division and to achieve national reconciliation.

He called for a unanimous support, which the Commission implemented, with respect to the need of holding a meeting of the Palestinian National Council that would include all the Palestinian forces, composed by elections wherever possible and by consensus, wherever elections cannot take place. He underlined the rejection of all attempts to backpedal on those decisions, also calling on mobilization to apply political and social pressure, besides popular mobilization, with the aim of protecting and pushing forward its implementation.

Abu Laila greeted the prisoners in Israeli jails, saying, “We are alongside our prisoners in the struggle for freedom, these prisoners that have given years of their lives for the freedom of their people and have made enormous sacrifices and offered the prime of their youth to their cause, for their own people and for their legitimate rights, and whose cause will continue as something primordial in the agenda of our national movement”.

February 22, 2017


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