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Anniversary of Al-Naksa… Anniversary of the war and of the aggression of the Zionist enemy in 1967

• We reject any negotiation that does not have the necessary mechanisms to implement the resolutions of International Law through an international conference sponsored by the UN and the 5 great powers of the Security Council.

• Towards a new strategy that would resist colonialism and Judaization, that would put an end to division and lead the Palestinian people on their return… on the path to attain the State, independence and the return.

We commemorate the forty-eighth anniversary of the war of aggression of June 5 1967, called by Arabs Al-Naksa, a Zionist war of aggression against Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Jordan, that led to the occupation of all the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, the Syrian Golan Heights, the Palestinian Gaza Strip and the Palestinian West Bank and Jerusalem (under Jordanian administration at the time). It thus turned all of historic Palestine into a territory under occupation.

This war of aggression has taken on several names: “The War of 1967”, the “June Al-Naksa” and “The Six Days War”. It is the “Third War” in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and even up to the moment of the occurrence of the Great Catastrophe (Al-Nakba), it was the most ferocious one, with respect to its disastrous result, its aggressiveness and its objective.

From the very first days, as a consequence of this war, “Israel” opened the door to the policy of colonial settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, by distorting and falsifying history and facts. It committed crimes against humanity and against International Law that would tie the hands of the guilty, and against humanitarian right and all the international laws that prohibit the commission of such crimes and criminalize the perpetrators. International Law did not put a stop to the extremist racial spirit of “Israel,” which considers itself an exception to this very day. Moreover, this State considers that International Law is a great obstacle for the continuation of its aggressive expansion. It is also aware of the fact that the United States government will spare no effort in the protection of its criminal attitude vis-à-vis whatever condemnation of the international community, by the use of its veto power in the Security Council.

Today, almost half a century after defeat in the aggression of June 1967, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, hurries “to name his main negotiator with the Palestinians” as a clever maneuver attempting to close the doors in the light of any international action. The world is aware of the fact that negotiations are no more than a useless game and a cover-up for Israel “to cut, from the very root, any balanced arrangement.” The goal is clear: “to render Jewish East Jerusalem” and to “block Palestinians” in cities resembling camps and ghettos, separated from one another, in the West Bank.

We call for a stop to be put to placing the bets on a return to useless and absurd negotiations, under the US sponsorship, and instead to act directly with the new strategic policy based on the decisions of the Central Council of the PLO in its latest meeting on March 4 and 5 2015, after the PLO Executive Committee took the decision when considering that the resolutions of the Central Council are mandatory and not mere recommendations. There is a need for a Palestinian National Summons for the new strategy of internationalizing the Palestinian cause and under the umbrella of the resolutions of International Law.

Those steps must be associated with putting an end to division, the recovery of internal unity and the adoption of an alternative economic and social policy that would guarantee the dignity of citizens and their rights to a better life, and to consolidate resistance vis-à-vis the occupying force, colonialism and racial apartheid.

In this painful anniversary… we definitely reaffirm that we will pursue the path of national independence, the independent Palestinian state with its capital, East Jerusalem, within the frontiers prior to June 4 1967 and complying with the right of Palestinian refugees to return by virtue of UN Resolution 194. We ratify, together with our Palestinian people under occupation and in the diaspora, the will to continue the struggle until achieving self-determination and return, always firmly attached to the frontiers prior to June 4… we do not accept the alternatives of the so-called “land exchange”… nor the existence of settlements… and we totally reject the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

We say no to whatever solution, maneuvers and fruitless and absurd negotiations, but we should proceed instead towards the strategy of internationalization… and full sovereignty and independence over the territories that were occupied during the brutal aggression of June 5 1967, reaffirming the struggle on the path to return, to an independent Palestinian State with its capital, Jerusalem.

Glory for Palestine… Glory for the martyrs…

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
June 5, 2015


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