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Calling for the resumption of the national dialogue to overcome the division

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine: Government’s revision disregards national consensus and creates a gateway to deepening of national division

The Solution is via a national unity government with a unanimous consent that is capable of ending the division, regaining the national unity, and the rebuilding of institutions according to full proportional representation model

A spokesman for the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine described the reshuffle in the government of the Palestinian Authority as a one sided decision taken by the Palestinian presidency, in violation of a clear and explicit national consensus on the need to organize a national dialogue within the temporary leadership framework with the objective of drawing solid steps toward ending the national division, with the forefront step being the formation of a national unity government which includes all Palestinian organizations, and with the consent of all Palestinian parties with the objective of implementing a national consensus agenda that carries a national unanimity and resulting in the ending of division, the regaining of the internal Palestinian unity and the organization of comprehensive presidential and legislative elections [for both legislative and national council] according to the full proportional representation fundament.

The spokesman for the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine added that the issue goes beyond a cabinet reshuffle to the need for full ministerial reshuffle after past experiences have shown the failure of the current cabinet to crack the way, and overcome the obstacles that prevent the application of what was agreed at the Shade’s meeting of 04/23/2014 and therefore the limited amendment will not provide the opportunity for the government to make any accomplishments, but rather will lead to open the door to the bickering, tensioning and media crossfire policies, which will cause comprehensive damage on our national cause while it is transitioning through a very sensitive and complicated stage which requires all parties to promote a sense of national responsibility and to maintain interest in the supreme national interests above all, including safeguarding the national rights of our people and our cause, and the enhancement of its ability to address the challenges facing path of struggle.

The spokesman also stated the need to go beyond reshuffle measure and instead called for an immediate meeting of the provisional leadership framework to consent on a national and inclusive course of action to face the next phase’s obligations, including the formation of a national unity government whose primary function is the development of the steps and mechanisms needed to end the present division and restore internal unity and reconstruction of national institutions via comprehensive elections according to proportional representation principles.

The Spokesman concluded by stressing on the need to close all loopholes that allow regional poles to the interfere negatively in the Palestinian position by taking advantage of our state of division; and called for the adoption of national dialogue as a way to resolve any differences in the Palestinian arena.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
August 1st, 2015


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