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Communiqué Issued By the Detachments of Palestinian National Action in Cuba
The Centennial of the Sinister Balfour Declaration

To our firm Palestinian people
To the loyal and struggling people of Cuba
To the friendly and peace-loving forces

On November 2nd 1917, British Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arthur James Balfour, sent a letter to Lord Rothschild, one of the leaders of the Zionist Movement of that period, which was known as the “Balfour Declaration”. This letter was the first step taken by the West to establish an entity for the Jews on Palestinian land, where the British government had made a commitment to establish a Jewish state.

The sinister promise opened wide the door and established the base of what was adopted by the Congress of the Zionist Movement in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897, to build a state for the Jews in Palestine, in the sense that it coincided with the ambitions of British imperialism with the Zionist Movement, which was presented as a defender of the “British interests” in the Arab region.

Great Britain began to implement that promise after the League of Nations agreed to establish Palestine under its mandate, that began in 1920, in line with the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which divided the Middle East between Great Britain and France, where the French mandate fell on Syria and Lebanon, while the British mandate fell on Eastern Jordan, Palestine, and thus the region entered into a process of geographical and political division, preventing the incipient Arab revolution from achieving its cherished hope to establish an Arab state and an independent fatherland.

The Palestinian people confronted this criminal plot and pursued its revolutions in 1929, 1936 and 1939, and struggled with armaments in its hands against the Zionist Movement and the Mandate.

The Palestinian people endured injustice, displacement, death, destruction, plunder and Judaization of the land by the lords of the Zionist occupationist, expansionist and racist project supported by the British empire and world imperialism, and suffered the catastrophes, the crimes and the massacres that continue even today, committed by the Israeli occupation government against the original owners of the land, the land of our people. The Palestinian people resisted attempts to destroy its national liberation project to establish its independent state, with full sovereignty and the return of refugees to their homes; it struggled and continues to do so valiantly to defeat the colonialist Zionist project supported by imperialism.

On this opportunity, the occasion of the centennial of the sinister promise, we reject the position of the British government, which refuses to apologize for the crime committed by its state against the Palestinian people when it launched the Balfour Declaration. We condemn the persistence of this crime and the intent to organize the celebrations of its centennial, which overtly shows the strengthening of the colonial spirit of Great Britain and its hostility against the Palestinian people and the refusal of its legitimate national rights.

The apology is, essentially, a step towards the recognition of the crime committed by Great Britain when it transformed Palestine into a land for the creation of a colonial racist state. We demand that the British government should assume its historic responsibility for being the party to blame for what has happened, through:

1- Recognizing its political, legal and moral responsibilities for its support to the racist Zionist colonial project that led to the uprooting of our people;

2- Recognizing the right of our people to self-determination over the land of its fatherland, Palestine, and the right to a totally independent and sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital and the right of refugees to return to their homes and properties from which they were expelled by force in 1948;

3- Commit to respect the resolutions of the international legality related to the Palestinian cause and to the occupied Arab territories, and an exercise of all forms of pressure on the Israeli entity for it to comply with those decisions;

4- Condemning Israeli colonialism in the Palestinian and Arab territories and their crimes against humanity, and boycott the products of colonial settlements, considered illegal by international law.

5- Delegitimising the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories, and isolating the Zionist entity at an international level, until it complies with the international law resolutions which guarantee for our Palestinian people its legitimate and inalienable rights.

The Palestinian people, which resisted the Balfour Declaration and resisted the British Mandate, will continue to struggle against occupation and against the Zionist project until achieving its noble goals, formulated by its national institutions and recognized by international law.

Greetings, our best greetings to our firm Palestinian people
Glory, all the glory to Palestinian unity in the fatherland and the countries of refuge and the diaspora
Greetings and loyalty to the prisoners of freedom in the jails of the Israeli enemy Immortality to the great martyrs

Detachments of Palestinian National Action in Cuba
November 2, 2017


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