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Comrade Fahed Sulaiman heading a delegation of the DFLP to offer their condolence at the Cuban embassy: “With the departure of Fidel Castro, a magnificent figure left its revolutionary and international imprint in about half a century”

A delegation from the politburo of the Democratic Front for the liberation of Palestine visited the Cuban Embassy in Damascus, and offered condolences to the Ambassador of Cuba, the embassy staff and through them to the struggling people of Cuba and to the leadership of the State and the Communist Party, for the departure of the world leader and fighter Comrade Fidel Castro.

The delegation was headed by Comrade Fahed Sulaiman, Deputy Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and included two members of the political bureau: comrade Khaled Ata and comrade Moatasem Hamadeh, and the member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the DFLP comrade Habib Bakir.

In the condolence book, Comrade Fahed Sulaiman wrote the following:

“With its superior leadership, the Cuban Revolution turned into a beacon for the movements of liberation, progress, democracy and socialism in the entire world.

On the top of this leadership a great historical figure, like Fidel Castro, a peerless revolutionary and international leader , along half a century, which its events did not pass without leaving its mark on them.

To the Cuban people and all the struggling peoples for freedom, progress and equality in the framework of the high human values of socialism, we offer our deepest condolences for the departure of Fidel Castro, which is always present in the heart and conscience.

The people of Cuba will remain adhered to its principles. As well as the persistent people of Palestine will continue on the path of freedom, independence and return”.

Central Information Bureau
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
November 30, 2016


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