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Constitutional Congress of the Unión Palestina de América Latina (UPAL) [Palestinian Union of Latin America]

In an unprecedented action, dozens of Palestinian organizations, personalities and activists from countries of Latin America and the Caribbean met from 13 to 16 June 2010 in San Salvador, capital of the Republic of El Salvador, to found the Unión Palestina de América Latina (UPAL), under the title “Congress of the Palestinian-Latin American Diaspora – Al-Awda”, as an independent, sovereign and democratic institution to represent the associations of Palestinian communities of the continent and as a patriotic duty of those who integrate the Palestinian people in the diaspora.

The Congress focused on the present-day Palestinian situation and the threat on Palestinian national rights and vigorously expressed its rejection of the Bahrain Summit, through which there is an attempt to impose unjust solutions by means of the implementation of the Agreement of the Century proposed by the U.S.A. to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Concerning the Palestinian internal situation, the Congress expresses its concern and calls for the materialization of national unity as the only way to confront attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause and to confront occupation.

By the phrase National Unity, we understand the unity of Palestinian political and social forces, the geographic and political unity of Palestinian territories, the unity of our people’s struggle within and outside the fatherland, and unity around the Palestinian people’s strategic program.

To achieve that cherished unity of the people and its active forces, there is no other path to be followed but that of a democratic process to rebuild the PLO on firm bases through democratic elections to the National Council, with the participation of the totality of the Palestinian people.

The Congress has proposed an Action Plan by which it declares its commitment to:

1.- Struggle for the unity of all Palestinian communities in Latin America, leaving the dialogue open to this end.

2.- Defend the national rights of the Palestinian people (to self-determination, the establishment of an independent and sovereign State with its capital, Jerusalem, and the return of all refugees to their lands and properties, from which they were expelled by force since 1948), under the umbrella of the PLO as its sole legitimate representative and on the terms of international law.

In this context, the Congress makes a call for the implementation of all the resolutions and decisions of the National Council and the Central Council, and firstly to stop working on the basis of the Oslo Agreements, which have caused so much damage to our cause and to the future independent State.

No one is surprised by the fact that the Oslo Agreements have increased colonization, land theft, the destruction of civilian infrastructure, deportations, illegal imprisonments and continued aggressions against the population subjected to occupation, including the criminal blockade against the Gaza Strip, apart from the bonds imposed by Israeli occupation that led the Palestinian people to extreme poverty.

As Palestinians of the diaspora on this part of the earth, we express our commitment to:

* Keep up the struggle until Israel vacates the territories that it illegally occupies since 1967 and an independent and sovereign Palestinian State is established with its eternal capital, Jerusalem;

* Dedicate our effort to support the struggle of our people on the fatherland, occupied since 1948, for the equality of rights of all its citizens;

* Continue the struggle for the return of every refugee, as an inalienable, individual and collective right, to their homes and properties from which they were expelled by force since 1948;

* Sustain the struggle to liberate over six thousand Palestinian prisoners, jailed in the dungeons of the Israel occupying force;

* Continue constituting a part of our people’s resistance against Israeli occupation and colonization, protected by the rights assisting us by virtue of the resolutions of international law.

In order to achieve our goals, posed by the Congress, it is necessary to carry out an encompassing Plan of Action to mobilize the potentials of our communities on the continent.

It was agreed that each organization, within each country’s possibilities, should carry out this action plan.

We are aware of the fact that we are living as a diaspora in countries where we have received great samples of solidarity, not only at a popular level, but also at a government level, and therefore we express our rejection of all type of foreign interference against the institutionality of those countries that have sheltered us.

We are in favor of a democratic process to develop the changes cherished by those countries, to eradicate poverty and inequality, and we completely reject foreign interference in the internal affairs of our Latin American countries. And we further express our gratitude to the peoples and governments that support the Palestinian cause.

San Salvador
Republic of El Salvador
June 15, 2019


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