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Declaration of Solidarity Meeting with Cuba and Venezuela

Palestinian popular factions, forces, institutions and federations reaffirm, from Damascus –the capital of Resistance— that they are on the same trench with Cuba and Venezuela in their confrontation and struggle against the aggressive policies of the U.S.A.

On behalf of the Palestinian people, we condemn the blockade and the measures of the United States Administration to strengthen it with the purpose of chocking the Cuban economy and to force a change in Cuba´s sovereign policies in order to subject the Island to US pressures and to turn Latin America and the Caribbean countries into the back yard of imperialism.

We ratify our support for the people of Venezuela and their legitimate government, we reject all types of flagrant interference in its internal affairs, we condemn attempts to provoke chaos and destabilization of that country and the fact of not recognizing President Nicolas Maduro, who was democratically elected by the Venezuelan people.

The Palestinian people and their national forces reiterate their rejection of the Treaty of the Century proposed by the U.S.A. that seeks to eliminate the Palestinian cause, and calls on every free people of the world to stand at the side of Venezuela and Cuba and to support their struggle and resistance in the light of imperialist and Zionist aggression. Together we must put an end to the arrogance and bullying of the U.S.A. and its dirty manipulation of the destinies of peoples.

Our battle is that of the peoples who seek freedom, sovereignty, stability, prosperity and social justice.

Palestinian popular factions, forces and institutions
Damascus, Syria
June 3, 2019


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