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Democratic Front condemns the US-led coup in Bolivia and calls on the international community to intervene

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine described the event in Bolivia as a military coup against democracy and the will of the people to choose their political leadership. He added that the intervention of American intelligence stained with the blood of the peoples is evident in this coup, which intends to drag the country into a racist civil war targeted especially against the native peoples of the country.

President Morales, in his resignation, expressed his willingness to renounce his legitimate right to renew his presidency, by virtue of the recent elections in Bolivia. Morales expressed his willingness to return again to the polls and to the democratic process as a way to resolve differences with the opposition, but US intelligence interventions managed to push the situation into the abyss and plunge the country into chaos through a coup d'etat carried out by army and police units.

The Front said that at the same time condemning this coup d'etat and this terrorist intervention by the United States, it calls on the international community to intervene in defense of the security and stability of the people of Bolivia and their right to choose their leadership according to their free will by means of the polls.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
November 11, 2019


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