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Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine: Al-Issawi and Snouber suspend their hunger strike

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirms that Comrades Samer Al-Issawi and Munther Snouber, the initiators of the open hunger strike, which started on October 25th, 2016, have suspended their strike as of Sunday November 6th after they were informed by the Nafha prison administrator that it will work on fulfilling their general demands, with ceasing the restrictions against our female prisoners, the transfer of said prisoners to nearby prisons in order not to face harassment while in transport, providing medical care to other sick prisoners, allowing doctors from outside the prison system to evaluate said prisons, and the cessation of other harassment policies including the depriving prisoners from family visitation, are at the forefront of their demands.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine considers the hunger strike victory of comrades Al-Issawi and Snouber as an attempt to shed a light on the just demands of the prisoners and to send a clear message to the Israeli prison administrators and to the occupation authorities that the battle led by these two prisoners is part of the overall daily struggle of the prisoners’ movement in order to extract its basic demands and to halt the continuous aggression against it and to achieve its freedom, and especially the fourth veteran prisoners, prisoners who were part of the “Loyalty to the Free” agreement, administrative detainees, children and women.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine promises its comrades and the general prisoner movement that it will remain faithful to their struggles and sacrifices until it achieves its comprehensive freedom from Israeli jails.

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
November 7, 2016


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