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DFLP: Arresting the MP Jarrar is an arbitrary procedure that demands the Arabic and international parliaments to stop the occupation aggression

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned the arresting of Khaleda Jarrar, the political bureau member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the deputy in the Palestinian Legislative Council.

DFLP assured that arresting Jarrar and other MPs, is an arbitrary procedure against parliament deputies, and a flagrant violation to the immunity that has been granted by the Palestinian people and a blatant infringement for all international laws and traditions.

DFLP called on "all international and Arabic parliaments to move immediately to stop the Israeli aggression that targets our citizens and deputies, and to press on the occupation to force it to free the MP Jarrar and all other MPs who are arrested in the Israelis occupation jails".

Central Information Office
July 3, 2017


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