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DFLP: Bennett Reservations an additional step on the road to annexation and a national strategy for comprehensive confrontation is required

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine described Bennett Reservations as the new name for the confiscation of Palestinian lands in Area C, in preparation for annexation to the occupation state within the framework of Netanyahu's- Bennet plan to annex the largest area of Area C to build the ‘’Greater State of Israel’’, and cut the road on The Palestinian National Project: the right of return, Self-Determination, and the Establishment of the Palestinian State, and building field facts paving the way for the announcement of the political part of the Trump deal, the “Deal of the Century”, aimed at liquidating the Palestinian issue and national rights.

Naftali Bennet, the Minister of the Occupation Army, who is in charge of the settlement file and the annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories, has declared of 7 areas inside Area C of the West Bank (according to the Oslo Accord divisions) “natural reserves”, subjected to the occupation authorities, extracted from their owners, preventing any activity from cultivation, building, and other things, what is justify the occupation authorities action, after a while, to annex them to Israel.

The Front said that Bennett’s decision falls in the context of the occupation authorities campaign in accelerating to annex the occupied Palestinian territory, in correspond with the policies of the American administration.

The Front noted that the annexation policies continue in the absence of a Palestinian national strategy for confrontation and resistance. and added that transferring settlement cases to the International Criminal Court is an important step that serves the national interest and contributes to delegitimizing the occupation and isolating the Israeli power, but it is also, as the front said, an insufficient step that does not constitute an alternative to the strategy of confrontation and resistance in the field, so that the forms of confrontation and engagement with the occupation on the ground and in international forums.

In this context, the Front called for the necessity of establishing a confrontation strategy, that forms the decisions of the National Council on 23rd session and the Central Council on 27 and 28 sessions, its basis, including withdrawing recognition of the Israel power, stopping security coordination with the occupation authorities, economic disintegration and liberation from the Paris Protocol Economist according to a deliberate plan, away from the un planned policies.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
January 16, 2020


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