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DFLP calls for the mobilization of energies tomorrow in the second week of Land Day and the March of Return

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued the following statement:

Our steadfast people is finishing the first week of "Land Day and the March of Return" and preparing for a new week, reaffirming its firm will to uphold every inch of its land, its full national rights and its rejection of occupation, settlement and siege and the Trump plan to liquidate the Palestinian national cause.

The Front added: "The DFLP salutes the steadfastness of our people and extends its condolences to the families of the martyrs of Land Day and the March of Return, including the families of the martyrs of the Front, Abdul Qader Al-Hawajri and Ahmed Omar Arafa".

In its statement, the Front also saluted the advanced and proactive role played by "the Supreme National Committee for the Return and Land Day" (DFLP, Hamas, PFLP, the Jihad Movement, and all factions and civil society organizations in the Gaza Strip), which is presenting a unique example in unifying the national efforts, under the banner of Palestine, outside the tendencies of exclusivity and searching for partisan gains, at the expense of consecration of the unity of the people and its political forces in the field.

In its statement, the Front also singled out the masses of our Palestinian people in the areas occupied since 1948 that came out on the Land Day to declare the unity of our people, its cause and its rights.

The Front also paid tribute to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for his initiative to investigate the crimes of the Israeli occupation against our people in the Gaza Strip on Friday March 30, 2018.

In this context, DFLP warned the United States representative in the Security Council to take any position that might disrupt this initiative, because such a position would mean a green light for the occupation authorities to commit more war crimes and killings towards our people.

The Front also called for the transformation of tomorrow (the second week of Land Day and the Return March) to a day of great anger in the areas of 1948, Jerusalem, the Palestinian West Bank, the Gaza Strip, refugee camps and the Diaspora, to assure the continuation of our struggle by the popular resistance and the internationalization of the cause and the national rights, until the occupation carries its stick and leaves our land and our Jerusalem, and achieving the goals of our people in self-determination, independence and return.

The Front concluded its statement by calling upon the Palestinian Authority and the official leadership to abandon the policy of hesitation and waiting, the failed bets and the empty promises, and to move towards a practical policy, which has an effect and influence on the national situation, which strengthens the steadfastness and cohesion of our people, and prepares for rebuilding the national unity on firm basis, which requires to commit to the PCC decisions, including the disengagement from the Oslo Accords and the Paris Protocol, and their commitments, by withdrawing from the recognition of Israel, ceasing the security coordination with the occupation authorities, disengaging from the Israeli economy, withdrawing the labor from settlement projects; and stop dealing with Israeli shekel.

The DFLP also called on the PA to work on the internationalization of the issue and national rights through:

1. Applying immediately for the active membership of the State of Palestine in the United Nations by building on resolution 19/67, which granted it the observing membership with East Jerusalem as its capital on June 4, 1967 borders, and resolving the refugee issue under Resolution 194, which guaranteed them the right to return to their homes and properties.

2. Calling for an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations and its relevant resolutions, sponsored by the five permanent members, away from the US unilateralism and its "Deal of the Century" project.

3. Requesting international protection for our people and our land against occupation and settlement.

4. Submitting complaints to the International Criminal Court against Israeli war crimes, including its latest crime in the Gaza Strip, on the glorious Day of the Land, where 20 martyred and more than 1,700 wounded.

Central Information Office
April 5, 2018


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