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DFLP calls for a Palestinian road map to thwart the results of the Bahrain workshop and resist the Trump deal

The Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine called for the launching of a Palestinian roadmap to thwart the results of the Bahrain workshop, continuing the conflict to encircle the Trump-Netanyahu deal and safeguarding the national rights of our people.

In its statement, the Front praised the unity of the official and popular Palestinian position against the Bahrain workshop and the Trump deal, and the state of public rising in confronting the American-Israeli project and called for mobilizing all energies to transform the days of the workshop into days of great anger in the occupied Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Bank including Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the 48 areas, the camps in Lebanon and Syria, and the rest of the diaspora areas.

The Front also valued the positions of the Arab parties, forces and popular events in standing up to our people in its resistance to the Trump deal and its repercussions. It also paid tribute to the Arab countries which have refused to attend the workshop as well to the friendly countries, led by the Russian Federation and China.

The Front called on all Arab countries to refrain from attending the workshop or participating in it, in respect for the unity of the Palestinian national position, the will of our people and in favor of the its legitimate national interests and rights.

In this context, the Front called upon the Palestinian official leadership, which has the political decision in the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, to build on the unity of the Palestinian national position and the Arab and international support for this position by launching a Palestinian roadmap to thwart the results of the Bahrain workshop, face its repercussions, and proceed resisting the Trump-Netanyahu deal, besieging it, and responding to its practical actions and applications with counter-field actions and applications that address Israeli aggressive projects, safeguard national rights and strengthen resistance.

In this context, the Front called for:

1) Announcing the official, clear and explicit declaration of withdrawal from the Oslo Accords, their obligations and entitlements, considering them as null and void, withdrawing the official Palestinian signature on their documents and informing the United Nations thereof.

2) Withdrawing the recognition of the state of Israel as a state of colonial and fascist occupation, which practices daily aggression against our people and its national rights in different ways and forms.

3) Stopping the security coordination with the occupation authorities, because of the damage to national interests, especially as it constitutes, according to the occupying state, a service to its aggressive projects.

4) Disengaging from being economically related to Israel by liberating from the restrictions of the Paris Protocol and moving towards building the foundations of the national economy, including boycotting Israeli goods.

5) Withdrawing Palestinian labor from Israeli settlements, in exchange for securing a decent alternative.

6) Recovering the population and land registry from the civil administration of the occupation authorities and severing all relations with it.

7) Transferring the Palestinian cause to the United Nations by three draft resolutions:

• Active membership of the State of Palestine.

• Providing international protection to our people and our land.

• Calling for an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations and its relevant resolutions, under the sponsorship of the five permanent members of the Security Council, by binding resolutions and for a specific period of time to ensure our people's legitimate national rights to return, self-determination and an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital on June 4, 1967 borders.

8) Mobilizing the Intifada and the popular resistance in all its forms, to put an end to the costless occupation. DFLP added that the launch of this plan, which is a commitment to the decisions of the Central Council (27th + 28th sessions) and National Council (23rd Session), requires the consolidation of conditions within the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, which requires:

A. To correct the relations between the PLO factions and to rebuild it on a coalition basis and in accordance with the principle of national partnership, which requires putting an end to the policy of exclusivity, exclusion and marginalization of others.

B. To reconsider the Executive Committee and organize its work and regular meetings, as the daily leadership of our Palestinian people, including rearming it with the departments of work that have been stripped of it and referred to the ministries of the PA, such as the political department, information, culture, education, Arab and international relations and others.

C. To restructure an independent board of directors for the Palestinian National Fund, respect the decisions of the National Council and not to interfere with them, including the release of the financial rights of the DFLP and PFLP.

D. To reformulate the social, financial and economic policies of the Palestinian Authority government, thus lifting heavy burdens on the public, distributing the burdens of struggle to the social strata of our Palestinian society, and reinforcing the elements and will of steadfastness and resistance among our people.

The Front also called for the resumption of efforts to end the division on democratic bases by forming a national unity government for a transitional period that oversees the organization of the comprehensive presidential and legislative elections of the Legislative Council and the National Council according to the system of full proportional representation, thus providing the opportunity to build a new national council, that includes everyone, and enhances the political, leading and representative position of the PLO in the face of occupation and settlement.

The Front concluded that the battle with the occupation and the Trump deal is difficult, complex and long, requires the mobilization and consolidation of forces, and removing the obstacles that hinder the advancement of our national situation on the way to achieve the national rights of our people.

Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
June 19, 2019


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