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DFLP calls for respecting the goals for which Al-Qassam, his fellows and thousands of Palestinian, Arab and international martyrs were martyred

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) paid tribute to Sheikh Izzeddin Al-Qassam and his two fellows, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Zibawi and Sheikh Atfah Al-Masri, on the 83rd anniversary of their martyrdom in the forests of Yabed in the fight against British colonization.

The Front said that the first bullet of the great national revolution in Palestine in 1936, was by the Sheikh Izzeddin Al-Qassam and his heroic fellows. Who by his martyrdom, established the armed struggle as a militant method adopted by our people against British colonialism and Israeli colonialist settlement and it still guided by Al-Qassam and thousands of other martyrs of the revolution, the national movement, the Intifada and the Palestinian resistance.

The Front called on to take lessons from Al-Qassam and his fellows and to adopt the resistance in all its forms, popular and armed, to liberate the land and to break free from colonialism.

It also called for respect for the memory of these and thousands of other martyrs, and to stop betting on failed solutions under the roof of the rest of Oslo, stop disrupting the decisions of the Central and National Councils, adopt an alternative strategy that is the “strategy to get out of Oslo”, redefine the relationship with the colonialist occupation by stopping the security coordination with it, disengaging from the Israeli economy, withdrawing the recognition to Israel, adopting the strategy of struggle, Intifada and resistance in the field and confronting politically with the deal of the century, in international forums, the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

The Front stressed also that the memory of Al-Qassam, his fellows and all martyrs, who by their blood watered the land of Palestine, will remain immortal, and will be forever a bright light in the history of Palestine and its popular revolution.

DFLP Central Information Office
November 19, 2018


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