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DFLP calls for reviving the Palestinian Flag Day tomorrow everywhere, and warns of Israel's exploitation of the atmosphere of war

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned the Israeli acts of aggression against the Gaza Strip, the latest of which was the aggression on Thursday 12 April, 2018, which led to the martyrdom of a militant and the wounding of another.

The Front said that Israel, through its work and its aggressive threats, is trying to block the March of Return, believing that by this it would succeed in instilling terror in the hearts of our people to stop responding to the call of Land and Return in the major popular rallies that will culminate on May 14, in commemoration of the Great National Nakba, and the date of the transfer of the United States Embassy to occupied Jerusalem, the capital of our Palestinian state.

DFLP warned that Israel would exploit the atmosphere of war that the United States and its allies are working to ignite in the region, and in this context it would launch treacherous strikes against our people in the Gaza Strip and its courageous resistance. In this context, the Front condemned the American and Western aggressive positions that threaten Syria, its people and army, and called for stopping this intimidation, and respecting international laws and United Nations' resolutions.

The Front concluded by calling upon our Palestinian masses in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Diaspora camps, to revive the Day of Palestinian Flag, on Friday (April 13, 2018) and burn the Israeli flag in mass rallies and sit-ins, in which the flag of Palestine is the banner that unites our people in all its places of existence in the struggle for its rights to self-determination, independence, sovereignty and return.

Central Information Office
April 12, 2018


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