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DFLP calls for take into account the PLO and for respecting its institutions

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, called for taking into account the Palestine Liberation Organization and for respecting its institutions and leading bodies and the immediate cessation of the policy of marginalization and destruction of these institutions and bodies, which has begun to cause a danger not only on the PLO and its role and status as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in all areas of its presence - at homeland, refugee camps, and all countries of exile and diaspora -, but also on the relations between the national action detachments and the Palestinian national project.

This came in the light of the continuation of the policy of marginalization and diminishing the role of PLO and its institutions and attaching them to the institutions and departments of the Palestinian Authority, and mixing the roles, and deepening the state of constitutional vacuum, and exacerbating the tendencies towards monopolization and exclusivity for the national decision with all their implications and dangers, especially at this difficult stage in the course of our national struggle, also after the Israeli occupation government, supported by most of the US administrations, has escalated its aggressive and anti-peace approach through its expansionist settlement practices and its racist policy of Judaization and silent ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and its region, in the Palestinian areas of the Jordan Valley and south of Hebron and other areas of the occupied West Bank.

In this context, DFLP expressed its deep concern at the fact that the use of issuing decrees, was used to attach the institutions of the PLO to the institutions of PA without any justification, approval or legal or political support, and it called for an immediate cessation of such policies and practices and to respect the PLO position and its institutions, as a united national front, in a national liberation stage, that its policy, directions and decisions are governed by the bases of national partnership and democratic consensus, as the only political and constitutional reference to the ministries and institutions and departments of the Palestinian National Authority, and it stressed that the decision that was published in the official newspaper recently, about transforming the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PA, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate, is “void ab initio” because it exceeds the functions of PA and transgress the powers of PLO institutions and its collective bodies, as well as it reflects a destructive and authoritarian approach in the shadow of dispersion conditions that are forcibly imposed on the Palestinian people.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
June 22, 2017


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