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DFLP calls to turn June 5 and the multitudinous Friday of Jerusalem into historic and combative events against occupation

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) paid tribute to the legendary steadfastness and great sacrifices made by the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip in order to achieve its objectives and to demand its legitimate national rights.

It also greeted the National Committee for the Return March (Democratic Front, Hamas, Popular Front, Jihad and all Palestinian factions and forces) on their efforts to ensure the success of the march of return in its tenth Friday under the title of: "From Gaza to Haifa, the Same Blood and the Same Destiny" in which it stressed the unity of the Palestinian people in all places of its presence, and their common destiny in the achievement of their national rights.

The Front condemned the official leadership and the Palestinian Authority's continuation of dependence on the Oslo Accords and their free concessions. It called for the disengagement from these Accords and the liberation from their unjust dictates, through the withdrawal of recognition of Israel, the cessation of security coordination, the boycott of the Israeli economy and the liberation of the Palestinian economy from dependence and from the Paris Economic Protocol.

The Front proclaimed the glory to its Comrade, Razan Al-Najjar, who was killed by an Israeli sniper, who did not care for her noble profession, while carrying out her humanitarian and national duty in assisting the injured during the return marches on the Gaza Strip border, to all the martyrs who fell in the march of return, and to the brave wounded.

The DFLP called on the masses of the Palestinian people to turn June 5 and the Multitudinous Friday of Jerusalem into historic events in the struggle against Israeli occupation and days of great anger against its massacres and all its crimes against the Palestinian people in all its places of residency: Gaza Strip, territories of 1948, Jerusalem, West Bank, the diaspora camps and the countries of asylum and emigration.

The Front called on Arab peoples and peace-loving countries and their political forces to stand by our people in its just struggle for its rights to freedom, independence, sovereignty, return, self-determination and end of occupation and colonization.

DFLP Central Information Office
June 2, 2018


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