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DFLP calls on Britain to recognize its responsibility for the crimes that have been committed against our people and torn its national identity

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, denounced the provocative statements that were made by the British Prime Minister, who has not only refused to apologize for her country's crime against the Palestinian people when it launched the Balfour Declaration, but also she was provocatively pride of this crime and organized celebrations for its 100th anniversary, which confirms the colonialist nature of the British Prime Minister, her hostility to our Palestinian people and her denying to its legitimate national rights.

DFLP in its statement today, added that the legal and moral justice, the human rights principles, the principles of international law and the international humanitarian law, oblige Britain in the Balfour 100th anniversary, not only to apologize but also to reconsider its position on the Palestinian national cause and rights.

DFLP considered that the apology in itself, "as a step towards the admission of guilt on the crime which has been committed by Britain, to tear down the Palestinian homeland and its national identity and turn Palestine into a land for establishing a racist colonial state", has become a need to oblige Britain to take the following steps:

1-To recognize its political, legal and moral responsibilities in supporting the racist colonial Zionist project, which led to the displacement of our people, fragmenting it , tearing up of its homeland and making a national disasters.

2-To recognize the right of our people in self-determination on its homeland, including its right to has an independent and sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of refugees to return to their homes and properties which have been displaced from since 1948.

3- To commit to the international legitimacy resolutions , related to the Palestinian issue and occupied Arab territories and to exert all forms of political, diplomatic and economic pressure on the Israeli entity to commit to these resolutions.

4- To condemn Israeli settlement in the Palestinian and Arab territories and boycott the products of these settlements as a part of international crimes and crimes against humanity.

5- To delegitimize the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories and isolate the Israeli entity at the international level until it complies with the international legitimacy resolutions, which guarantee to our Palestinian people, its full and legitimate national and inalienable rights.

6- To fully recognize the state of Palestine politically and legally, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

DFLP concluded its statement, by confirming that the Palestinian people, who resisted the Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate, will continue to resist the Israeli occupation and the Zionist project until its full struggle goals are being achieved, as have been adopted and recognized by its national institutions and international legitimacy.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
October 28, 2017


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