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DFLP calls on the PA to immediately stop its sanctions against Gaza Strip

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) paid tribute to the masses of our Palestinian people who took part in a rally in downtown of Ramallah to express their anger and rejection of the collective punishment imposed by the Palestinian Authority on the Gaza Strip.

The Front said that the angry march in Ramallah came to emphasize the unity of our people, its cohesion, the unity of its rights and the unity of its common destiny, in rejecting division, dispersion, harming the Gaza Strip, imposing sanctions on it and deepening its crisis of life at the hands of the Palestinian Authority.

The Front emphasized that it is a shame that Israel claims its concern in dealing with the difficult humanitarian situation in Gaza, while the powerful Palestinian official leadership continues to impose sanctions on the Gaza Strip and ignoring its responsibilities and continuing the deepening of the crisis by not paying the salaries of the employees and families of the martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners and stopping the operational budgets of official institutions.

The Front called the PA to return Gaza Strip's inalienable rights and to recognize its sacrifices of martyrs and wounded in the march of return rather than tightening its siege on it.

The Front stressed the need to continue protesting and denouncing the punitive measures of the Palestinian Authority against the Gaza Strip, escalate them and raise slogans in the streets and squares to pressure on the official leadership of the PA to force it to stop these sanctions and assume its responsibilities and duties towards our people in the Gaza Strip, in implementation of the decision of the National Council at its last session.

DFLP Central Information Office
June 12, 2018


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