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DFLP calls PA to head to the Hague tribunal and ask for a consultation about crimes of confiscation and uprooting law

The demand contains annexing the East Jerusalem according to the Israeli decisions, through the UN General Assembly with a relative majority, or through the UN Security Council with the approval of seven members that are impermanent, and the consultation should not be submitted to the American veto.

After the legal advisor of the racist occupation's state approved on constructing many buildings in the colonial settlements that were built on Palestinian lands that are private properties, this confiscation and uprooting law will include thousands of Palestinian buildings and houses in the Palestinian bank and considering them as governmental properties and according to the Israeli decision that was issued in July 1967, directly after occupying the West bank for confiscating and displacing its Palestinian owners from their lands and buildings.

In addition to the methodical racism of the occupation state, the terrorist organizations and gangs as the Lahafa organization does, in East Jerusalem which uses aggression on Palestinian youth.

In front of this organized terrorist racism, the asking for a consultation from the Hague court, will lead to issue a decision, that states that: no state has the right to transfer its embassy to the occupied Jerusalem (west & east), because resolution 181 that was signed by Israel, and was established on its basis, calls for internationalizing Jerusalem.

Also, the resolutions 181, 242, 338 and 478, will be assured quickly in a way to open the confiscations and displacement files, because resolution 478 considers what after it as null and void.

We reassure on the importance of internationalization the Palestinian cause and rights by returning them to the international community through the UN.

Central Information Office
July 6, 2017


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