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DFLP condemned the attempted sabotage of the mass mobilization in Gaza

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine praised the masses of our Palestinian people in Gaza, which went out today to demand the end of the division and the abolition of the punitive measures imposed by the Palestinian Authority against the Strip.

It strongly condemned the attempt to sabotage the popular mobilization and position by some people outside the law and the national consensus, demanded that security services pursue them and bring them to justice and demanded to protect the massive demonstrations, which express national and social concerns, and protect freedom of expression according to the Basic Law, which guarantees freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrations.

The Front call on the masses of the Palestinian people, wherever they are, to continue mobilizing massively for the end of division and restoring national unity, as a safety valve of our national project, especially in the light of the conspiracies aimed at undermining our national rights. These conspiracies, represented by the so-called Deal of the Century, began to materialize with Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the state capital of the Israeli entity, to transfer his embassy, to reduce support for UNRWA, in order to liquidate the international institution, which is witness of the crime of the Israeli occupation and the suffering of the displaced Palestinian people, and to support Israel to continue confiscating Palestinian lands and establishing colonial settlements, in violation of all international resolutions.

DFLP Central Information Office
June 19, 2018


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