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DFLP condemns the escalation of Israeli aggression against our people in Gaza

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) stressed that the Palestinian people has the right to defend itself against aggression and the brutal Israeli escalation which has led to the killing of two children and dozens of injuries among civilians and targeted many residential sites in the Gaza Strip.

The Front said that the Israeli escalation of aggression against our people in the Strip, falls within the framework of the open war of aggression against our people since 30/3/2018, which led to the fall of more than 145 martyrs by live bullets and more than 16000 wounded, all were targeted in clear-cut killings, which aim to inflict the greatest losses in the ranks of our people who rebel against the Israeli siege, and in an attempt to break its will and subjugate it politically.

"This aggressive escalation comes today after the Israeli decision to tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip by closing the Kerem Shalom crossing, preventing the daily materials from our people to starve it, and flooding it in more hellish conditions", the Front added.

The Front said that "the attempt of the Israeli enemy to falsify the facts, by claiming that its aggression on the Gaza Strip, comes in the context of the response to the the resistance bombing to the neighboring Israeli sites, is disproved by irrefutable facts, especially after the neutral media confirmed that Tel Aviv is the one that initiated the aggression and it is the one which continues its threat of our people and its leaders by bombardment and assassination".

The Front stressed that the Palestinian resistance with its various factions, never called for escalation, but it has proved the policy of responding to the bombing is by bombing, and therefore the decision to cease the fire now, is in the range of the Israeli enemy.

The Front concluded by welcoming Egypt's efforts to return to calm and to be binding on all parties, including the cessation of the policy of killing by the occupation authorities at the barbed wire in the east of the Gaza Strip, and to retract from its unjust procedures in the closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing.

DFLP Central Information Office
July 15, 2018


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