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DFLP condemns the invasion of Issawiya and the destruction of the memorial of Martyr Mohammed Samir Obeid

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) condemned the criminal behavior of the Israeli occupation forces, the invasion of Al-Isawiya town and the destruction of the memorial of the martyr of Palestine, Al-Isawiya and the DFLP, the liberated prisoner Mohammed Samir Obaid, who was martyred by the Israeli occupation while he was confronting them when they invaded the town and assaulted on the civil population (27/6/2019). The Israeli occupation held his body for four days, to prevent his funeral mass, but it finally submitted to the will of the inhabitants of the town, the family of the martyr and the free members of the DFLP to set up his funeral as appropriate to him and to the martyrs by honoring and reverence.

The Front added that the boast of Netanyahu, the head of the occupation government, that he is the one who ordered the invasion of the town and the demolition of the memorial of Martyr Mohammed Samir Obaid, but confirms the extent of blind hatred of the leader of the coalition of right and extreme right towards the Palestinian people and its fighters, prisoners and martyrs, especially towards the DFLP.

The Front noted that this is the second time where the Prime Minister of the occupation ordered to assault the martyrs of the Front in their final resting place and the destruction of the memorial erected for them, when his forces carried out the same heinous act in the city of Jenin by the destruction of the memorial of Martyr Khaled Nazzal, secretary of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front.

The Front added that the hatred of Netanyahu and the occupying state on the Front and its activists and its people, is a source of pride for every Palestinian fighter, and all the fighters, sons and friends of the Democratic Front, and a medal attached to their chests.

The Front called on our people to stand by the sons of Al-Issawiya, and confirmed its confidence that Al-Issawiya will not bow down and will rebuild the memorial of Martyr Mohammed Samir Obaid better than ever, stressing the continuous struggle against occupation and settlement, without hesitation or tarrying until the occupation departs every inch of the occupied Palestinian territory by the June 1967 aggression and establishing the independent Palestinian State with full sovereignty with Jerusalem as its capital.

DFLP Central Information Office
July 11, 2019


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