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DFLP condemns the Israeli aggression on Syria and calls on the UN to take deterrent positions to stop the arrogance of the Zionist entity

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) condemns the aggressive Israeli action that has taken place in one of the areas near the Syrian capital Damascus, and it regards as a flagrant challenge to the international laws, the Syrian sovereignty and to the international community as a whole.

It also condemns the American silence on such acts of aggression, and calls on the United Nations, which holds its annual session these days, to stand firmly against the Israeli aggression in the region and to take the necessary decisions to deter such a policy that is threatening peace in the region and in the world.

DFLP affirms its support for the Syrian people in safeguarding the sovereignty and defense of its land against the Israeli acts of aggression.

Central Information Office
September 23, 2017


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