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DFLP condemns the Israeli court decision to demolish homes and confiscate lands in eight villages in Hebron

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, condemned the unjust decision which was taken by the so-called Israeli Supreme Court to demolish homes and displace residents of eight villages in the countryside of Hebron, with the excuse that they are not licensed and are located on the line of fire, and in an area which was considered by the occupation army as a place for their fighting maneuvers.

The DFLP said that the unjust decision will lead to the displacement of about 2000 Palestinians depriving them from their lands and properties and confiscating them by the occupation authorities with unconvincing pretexts, which is basically a violation to the international agreements, including the Fourth Geneva Convention which imposes on the occupying power authorities to protect the civilians, and the agreements which prohibit the occupation authorities to make changes in the geography of the occupied territories.

The DFLP considered the unjust court decision as a blatant challenge to the international community, especially the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 which unanimously condemned the Israeli colonial settlement in Jerusalem and throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, and considered it as void and illegal.

The DFLP called the Palestinian official leadership to take actions at all levels to block the implementation of this Israeli decision, also it called the people of Hebron, and all the Palestinian West Bank governorates to set up committees to protect lands, homes and people, and to confront the demolitions and displacement in ground, guided by the position of the heroic sons of our people in the 1948 occupied areas in their opposition to the Israeli military forces in Qulunsuwa and Um Al-Hiran and others Palestinian villages affected by the decisions of demolition and confiscation.

Central Information Office
January 26, 2017


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