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DFLP condemns the policies of repression of popular movement and calls for the prosecution of those responsible for the repression of Ramallah demonstration

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, condemned the policy of repression which is practiced by the Palestinian Authority against the popular movements in the West Bank cities and refugee camps, the latest was the repression by using beating, live ammunition and tear gas bombs by the security forces against the popular protest in Ramallah against the trial of Palestinian militants' decisions, including the martyr Bassel Al-Aaraj, the confrontation hero with the Israeli occupation forces.

DFLP considered that the Palestinian Authority behavior which is based on antagonizing the popular movement is an expression of a deep political crisis experienced by the PA in light of the arrival of its negotiating project to impasse and full bankruptcy.

DFLP expressed its strong disapproval and full condemnation for the referral of the militants to trial in Ramallah, also it expressed its disapproval for the PA relevant departments lack of minimum of respect for the national feelings of the Palestinian street about the trial of Basil Al-Aaraj file, even after his martyrdom at the hands of occupation forces in the battle, in which the martyr insisted to die with dignity.

DFLP called to the need to immediate stopping and abolishing for the policy of repression of the popular movement, and to respect the will of the Palestinian street and its freedom to express its national positions, also it called for the prosecution of those who ordered the suppression of Ramallah march and the shooting of citizens, and it considered this behavior as a dangerous phenomenon that will to drag the general situation in the areas of PA to places that highly damage the national interest.

DFLP warned that the head of the government's decision and the Interior Minister to form an investigation committee about the incident of suppressing Ramallah demonstration to be just a maneuver, recalling several committees that have been formed in similar circumstances, without the announcement of the results of their operations and without trying those who were responsible for law violations and defying the will of the people.

DFLP concluded by greeting the spirit of martyr Bassel Al-Aaraj, and his family, and all freedom fighters of our people, especially the heroes of youth uprising.

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Information Office
March 14, 2017


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