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DFLP: Half a century after the terrible defeat on 5 June 1967

Masses of our Palestinian people:

The yellow wind, which defined the terrible defeat on June 5, 1967, and its reasons on the official Arab reality, starting with the crisis of democracy and freedom, criticism and the ability to express the opinion, and the prevention of the "criticism and self-criticism", continue in the context of specific and concrete factors. Starting with the causes, and the accumulation of specific energies in cash and alternatives to defeat, and the official Arab system is still suffering by its history for half a century ago. Some call for immediate colonization, instead of achieving the national independence, and achieving the social justice and the human dignity.

In Palestine, our people is witnessing the triumph of freedom and dignity, to achieve victory for its sons, men, and prisoners of freedom heroes, and break the tyranny of occupation and prisons, heading to confrontation with what began the racist occupation since the first day of occupation, by targeting the land. The DFLP calls for a "land strike", to stop the bleeding of the Palestinian land, as a priority, to stop the bleeding that has no ended at the hands of the occupation, instead of the phantom promises, which are useless only that the enemy "earns time".

Now, after the Great Strike, the strike of the empty intestines of the prisoners of liberty and the victory of their demands, we demand the victory for the Palestinian land, and stop the bleeding of the land, all the Palestinians in the Palestinian West Bank, the historic Palestine, the besieged Gaza Strip, the Diaspora and the emigrated. All Palestinians are fighting the battle to stop the bleeding of the Palestinian land to open its files to the world, to force the racist occupation state to accept the international legitimacy, and to implement the resolutions were issued by United Nations and Security Council that related to the Palestinian conflict with the racist and expansionist Israeli entity.

Masses of our Palestinian people:

We, at this stage of national liberation, need to consolidate the elements of the full strength of the Palestinian people, starting with ending the division. We in the DFLP brought the resolutions of the Preparatory Committee of the Palestinian National Council in Beirut (10-11 January 2017) the decision to form the comprehensive national government to dismantle and end the division, in parallel with the decision of the Preparatory Commission to continue to prepare the law and the mechanisms for going to the parliamentary and presidential elections to all the institutions of the Palestine Liberation Organization, with full proportional representation, effectively guaranteeing to the national participation in the unified Palestinian national program.

We have called since the early days of division in the 14/6/2007 to terminate it, and return to the internal national unity. We have many initiatives in this context, all aimed to put the difference in the political framework and put an end to the bloody conflict and the policy of arrests, chasing, counter-arrests and counter-chasing.

We call to form a comprehensive national unity government including all factions and independent national figures (in accordance with the statement of the Preparatory Committee of the Palestinian National Council), which supervises to holding of comprehensive elections, the Presidency, the renewal of the legitimacy of the President of the Authority, the Legislative Council, Municipalities and local councils, trade unions and universities. All of these are in accordance with the law of full proportional representation, by the closed proportional list to elect programs and forces carrying these programs, to accomplish the tasks of revolution, the resistance and the national partnership at this stage. The stage of the national liberation and the independence. The new institutions, which democratically elected in free honest way, the reunification of the Palestinian situation, taking into consideration that the custom employment and the electoral political money that negatively affect the freedom and the fairness of the elections.

The New Electorate National Council is producing a new government that reflects the map of the parliamentary powers and forms the title of the national unity that is concerned with the re-unification of the institutions between Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip and reconsidering the adopted policies in favor of a new and alternative national strategy that provides to our people the steadfastness to face the occupation and settlement and new economic and social solutions, for the development and fighting against unemployment, poverty and disease.

The new National Council elects a new executive committee, which in its turn elects its president, and an independent administration of the National Fund, which is concerned with the implementation of the Council's resolutions beyond the politics of exclusivity, financial support and malicious policies.

The National Council is concerned to reformulation the Palestinian national strategy, and close Oslo's file and its humiliating accords, in favor of the restoration of the unified Palestinian national program.

Long live our heroic Palestinian people
Greetings to the Heroes of empty intestines
Glory to the Martyrs

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
June 5, 2017


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