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DFLP: It is perplexing to continue security coordination with the occupation while its gangs and forces invade our holy sites

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), described the invasions of settler gangs, under the protection of the occupation forces, against the Palestinian religious holy sites in Al-Aqsa, Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi and other places of prayer and worship, as blatant and clear preamble, which predict bad intentions, with veiled aims that pave the way to seize of these places, to remove of their current characteristics, and to impose them Judaization, in stubborn and fascist attempts to prove that the Zionist Talmudic myths about Palestine as an Israeli land are truth, and to justify the policy of colonial settlement, to uproot our people from its land, displacing it, destructing its political identity and erasing its national character, to complete the Zionist war launched against it and which had it highest peak in 1948.

The reality that Zionist colonial policies make and try to build on the ground, has exceeded all forms of theoretical conflict and turned into a field conflict based on devouring the ground daily and creating facts on the ground. This requires the Palestinian Authority and its leadership, which has the political decision, to move from the status of warning the international community about the seriousness of what is happening, and the status of free verbal rejection of the actions of the occupation authorities, to the status of practical and field response, through the use of effective weapons, provided by the National Council's decisions at its 23 session , and the decisions of the Central Council at its 27 and 28 sessions , including having the political will and confidence in the Palestinian people, its mass movement, and its ability to withstand and defend its land, holy places and national legitimate rights.

In this context, the Front called on the PA and its leadership to reply on the escalation of the occupation authority and the herds of settlers by implementing the decisions of the National and Central Councils by:

• Suspending the recognition of the state of occupation until it recognizes the fully sovereign Palestinian state with its capital, Jerusalem, on borders before June 4, 1967, and it halt settlement and Judaization;

• Stopping the security coordination, as it is no longer acceptable to continue this coordination with the occupation authorities while their invasions of our Palestinian national sacred sites are continuous;

• Boycotting Israeli goods completely, accelerating the policy of economic separation between Palestine and the occupation and halting the revived coordination committees within the framework of the return to the Paris Economic Protocol.

The Front concluded that such measures and others would counter the policies of Judaization and settlement escalation on the ground, and would constitute a new motive to develop the capabilities of the popular resistance to confront the occupation and settlement and defend our national rights.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
October 21, 2019


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