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DFLP: Netanyahu's call for dissolving UNRWA is denounced

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) denounced the incitement policy which is adopted by the Israeli right-wing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, against UNRWA, and his call for dissolving UNRWA and transfer the issue of Palestine refugees to the UNHCR at his meeting with the United States representative in the International Organization.

The DFLP said in a statement that it was not the first time that the Government of Israel had declared its hostility to UNRWA and the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties which they had abandoned from since 1948. Since the establishment of the State of oppression, and aggression, in the struggle against the Palestinian refugee issue, and try to deny their historical, legal and moral responsibility for the injustice has been inflicted upon them, led to their displacement from their homes, also practiced the hostile policy of UNRWA since it was decided to establish it; recognizing that this agency will remain an international witness to the heinous crime which was committed against the Palestinian people, in the silence and complicity of States that was considered as a decision makers at that time.

The DFLP in its statement, noted that while the Palestinian Authority has begun to abide by Greenblatt's understandings, including ceasing to go to the international institutions to internationalize the Palestinian national cause and the rights under pressure of the United States, so the Israeli side is taking a policy of escalation in incitement against the Palestinian people, either by calling for the dismantling of UNRWA, and cancelling the right of return of refugees, or inciting of European countries against the boycott of Israel, and against financing of Palestinian NGOs under the pretext of their association with terrorism; and supporting the families of prisoners, martyrs and missing persons of our people.

The DFLP also, called on the Executive Committee of the (PLO), in particular the Refugee Affairs Department, to carry out a political and media campaign at the international level to expose Netanyahu's policy and to explain the role that is played by UNRWA in the political, legal and service level; the importance of its role in the lives of refugees of our people, the centrality of its position in our national cause, and the affirmation of the right of return for refugees, in accordance with the resolutions of the international legitimacy that guaranteed this right. The Front also calls on the official Palestinian leadership to reconsider in its free commitment to stop the process of internationalization of the Palestinian cause and the national rights and to head again to the international institutions (General Assembly, Security Council, Criminal Court, Hague, Human Rights Council) to judge the Israeli occupation and delegitimize Israel.

DFLP concluded its statement by saying that the refugees' clinging to UNRWA, its political location and its service role is another form of adherence to the right of return to homes and properties and the rejection of all alternative solutions instead of the right of return.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
June 14, 2017


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