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DFLP: No reason for the official leadership does not act to internationalize prisoners cause and submit occupation's crimes to the ICC

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) saluted the National Committee for the Return March (DFLP, Hamas, PFLP, Jihad and all Palestinian factions, forces and organizations) for their efforts to make the fourth Friday of the March the "Friday of Prisoners and Martyrs", because it carries with it noble meanings towards our heroic Palestinian and Arab prisoners in the prisons of the occupation, and towards the memory and honor of our martyrs and a deep appreciation of their families.

The Front called for the success of this day by making a broad contribution to it as a national and moral obligation for all the Palestinian people, without exception, in all its places of residence, in the areas of 1948, Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza Strip and refugee camps in the diaspora and exile.

The Front called upon the Palestinian Authority, the Executive Committee of the PLO and the official leadership, asserting that there is no reason whatsoever for failing to submit the case of the prisoners to the UN and the International Criminal Court as it amounts to the level of the crime of war against the Palestinian people, through the imposition of collective punishment on it.

The DFLP also stressed that there is no reason whatsoever to justify the silence so far on the crimes of occupation and not to transfer this issue to the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

The Front called on the official leadership to disassociate itself from any commitments that hinder the internationalization of the causes of prisoners and martyrs before the international forums and to abandon any bets on the possibility of resuming the negotiating process under the Oslo framework and its conditions.

It also called for the implementation of the decisions of the Central Council of the PLO, including the withdrawal of recognition of Israel, the cessation of security coordination with the occupation, the disengagement from the Israeli economy, the withdrawal of Palestinian labor from settlements and the cessation of dealing with the Israeli shekel.

DFLP Central Information Office
April 19, 2018


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