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DFLP: Palestinian refugees will not barter their right to return to their homes with a residential apartment given by the Trump administration

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) ridiculed the United States' leaking of what is said to be some of the issues to be discussed by the Bahrain Economic Conference.

The Front said that the reality of hostile intentions against our people and its inalienable legitimate national rights once again has been exposed.

The Front added that the illusionary offer by the United States to dissolve the UNRWA and terminate the right of return, in favor of what the Trump administration calls turning the Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank into developed cities, is nothing but an attempt to shed the ashes in the eyes, and a blatant call to barter the homeland and return to it with a residential apartment.

The Front added that talking about the economic prosperity of the Palestinians without calling for an end to the occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital Jerusalem on the borders before June 5th, 1967, is a violation of the national dignity of the Palestinian people and a mockery of the minds.

The Front stressed that our people is not ready at all to sell its freedom, independence and homeland and barter them with money which the United States is talking about its allocation for its project to liquidate the Palestinian issue.

DFLP called upon the Arab countries, nominated by the United States to finance Trump's deal, to declare a clear and unequivocal position in refusing to engage in this corrupt project and to affirm that their support for our Palestinian people, is to back its national struggle, to recover every inch of its occupied land, at the heart of which is Jerusalem , and not to support projects that would only perpetuate the occupation, legitimize its existence, legitimize its colonization of the land of Palestine, its confiscation and its settling , and cancel the national identity of our people.

DFLP Central Information Office
May 27, 2019


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