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DFLP: Strategic steps are required to protect the capital of our State and the sanctities of our people and not only tactical limited and insufficient steps

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) pays tribute to the Palestinian people, who has risen up, in defense of the city of Jerusalem, against the occupation forces and their aggressive actions, the capital of our independent sovereign Palestinian state, and the sanctities of our people, against Judaization, confiscation and the Israeli claims.

DFLP considers the unified struggle of our people, in all its places of existence a new emphasis on: the unity of this people, the authenticity of its national identity, its deep commitment to its national rights and its rejection of all projects and solutions affecting these rights.

In the same context, DFLP stresses its rejection of any solutions, to the issue of Jerusalem Holy Sites, based on a settlement that provides a chance for the occupation to impose its sovereignty, that leads to the temporal and spatial sharing of the Haram, similar to the sin, committed by the Oslo team, toward the Ibrahimi Mosque under the pretext of temporal and spatial sharing .

DFLP appreciates the masses movement's progress on the positions of the Palestinian official leadership, whose position was delayed, through the statement delivered by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

DFLP believes that «freezing relations with the Israeli side», until addressing the problem of electronic gates and barriers, is a limited and insufficient tactical step, that does not respond to the decisions of Palestinian Central Council, in its last session on March 5, 2015, which decided to stop security coordination with the occupation authorities, boycott the Israeli economy, including boycotting working in Israeli settlements and projects, resume and protect the popular resistance, and develop it towards a comprehensive uprising, on the path to becoming a national disobedience against the occupation, and to resume the internationalization of Palestinian national cause and rights in international forums, including submitting the full membership of State of Palestine, to the United Nations, in order to develop resolution 67/19/2012, and to submit Palestinian claims to the International Criminal Court, to consider Israeli war criminals responsible for their crimes against our people, and to demand an international protection for our people and land, against the occupation authorities and settlement projects.

DFLP said that the immediate implementation of decisions of Central Council, at its last session (March 5, 2015), would prepare the necessary atmosphere for a successful call for a new session of the Council, which will assume its national responsibilities in the face of serious developments in our national cause, and take more binding measures and decisions , and in the forefront, is halting the Oslo page, and the futile negotiating strategy under the framework of US unilateralism, in favor of a new national strategy, formulated by the National Reconciliation Document (2006) and the comprehensive Cairo dialogues as elaborated by the Central Council on March 5, 2015.

Regarding Jerusalem and the support the of its people's steadfastness and struggle, DFLP calls for the formation of a national coalition reference, based on the principle of national partnership, and includes the national, social and cultural parties and activities of Jerusalem and others, so as to provide the capital of our independent state and its people and residents with elements of steadfastness, in the face of Judaization, Israelization, displacement , demolition of houses and expansion of settlement projects.

DFLP also calls on the leader of Palestinian National Council, Salim Zaanoun, to immediately call for the resumption of work of Preparatory Committee of National Council, on the basis of what was reached at the Beirut meeting on January 10-11, 2017, i.e. work on two parallel lines, through conducting national consultations to form an inclusive national unity government that will restore the unity of institutions and departments, end division, and provide solutions to the economic, social, and environmental issues and concerns of our people in the Gaza Strip and others. Which would have to dissolve the administrative committee in the Gaza Strip, which has been formed as a substitute for the national accord government. The second is the preparation for comprehensive presidential and legislative elections, including the election of a new national council, at home and abroad, on the basis of full proportional representation, with the result of an executive committee and elected parliamentary committees.

DFLP concluded by paying tribute to the wounded, the injured and the martyrs of our people, who responded with their bare chests to the occupation gangs, affirming once again our people's commitment to their land and national dignity.

Central Information Office
July 24, 2017


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