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DFLP strongly condemns the American position in Security Council and its defying the will of international community on the draft resolution on the city of Jerusalem

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) strongly condemned the US administration's veto by the representative of US administration to the Security Council, against the Egyptian draft resolution on the city of Jerusalem and president Trump's decision of recognizing it as a capital of Israel.

The DFLP said through a statement on Monday 18/12/2017 that the US administration insisted on declaring hostility towards our Palestinian people and its legitimate national rights and defying international legitimacy through its blatant position on the Egyptian draft resolution by confirming the resolutions of international legitimacy that are related to the city of Jerusalem and that its legal status has been recognized as an occupied city by these resolutions.

The DFLP pointed out that the US administration by its decision tonight, has resorted to the veto number 43,in favor of Israel as usual, out of 80 vetoes in the Security Council.

The DFLP through its statement, paid tribute to Mr. Mladenov, the representative of the Secretary-General to the Middle East and to the 14 member states of Security Council, which have voted in favor of the draft resolution and affirmed their sincere friendship with the Palestinian people and their commitment to safeguard the international legitimacy resolutions which are the base for the just solutions to humanitarian issues, foremost of which is the cause of our people and its national rights in resisting the brutal Israeli occupation and the blatant aggressive American policy.

In this context, the DFLP called on the Executive Committee of PLO and its Chairman, which is now holding an expanded meeting in Ramallah, in the presence of the Secretaries-General, the representatives of factions and other events, to take into account what was happened in the UN Security Council and work immediately to respond to the challenge and arrogance, the clear American bias and the aggressive policy of Trump's administration against Jerusalem as the capital of our independent state, in addition to work on strengthening the international immunity of Jerusalem and the rights of our people and our cause through:

Firstly: submitting a draft resolution for rejecting and condemning the decision of Trump's administration concerning Jerusalem, to the United Nations General Assembly. And to reaffirm that East Jerusalem is part of the land of our independent State with its established capital.

Secondly: Strengthening this resolution by requesting the active membership of the State of Palestine in the General Assembly through basing on the law of «United for Peace» on the basis of General Assembly Resolution 19/67 of 2012, that states to recognize the observer membership of the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital on 4 June 1967 borders and the right of refugees to return under Resolution 194.

Thirdly: Launching the largest political campaign in the international forums to internationalize the cause of Palestine and Palestinian national rights, delegitimizing the occupation and deepen the international isolation of Israeli entity and US administration through:

1. Calling for an international conference under the patronage of Security Council and the permanent members under the international legitimacy resolutions that have guaranteed our people their inalienable national rights to return, independence, self-determination and salvation from occupation and settlement.

2. Demanding the international protection for our people against the occupation and for our Jerusalem and our land against colonial settlement.

3. To file complaints against Israeli war crimes against our people, to the International Criminal Court.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
December 19, 2017


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