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DFLP: “the French initiative”leads to drag us back to the swamp of the sterile and futile negotiations instead of the adoption of the intifada and the resistance and the decisions of the Central Council as pillars of a new struggling strategy
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, warned of the danger of betting on the so-called French initiative which calling for the resumption of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, without preconditions, for a period of two full years. DFLP considered that the French promise to recognize the Palestinian state, if the negotiations did not succeed, as political risks drag the Palestinian case to the swamp of the sterile and futile negotiations again.

DFLP said that: the French initiative contains mines in the face of the Palestinian cause, in exchange for a promise to recognize the State of Palestine if the negotiations failed, and that the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius ignored the UN resolution No. 19/67 where through it 138 countries recognized the State of Palestine under the occupation and its capital is East Jerusalem on the boarders of June 67, and resolving the issue of refugees to return in accordance with UN Resolution 194, which guarantees the right to return to their homes and properties.

DFLP added that : Fabius initiative ignores the resolutions of the international legitimacy as a political reference for negotiations, and limits the role of the International Conference on an opening session, without interference or continuation of the negotiations, in a sterile return back, to a similar conference to the Annapolis conference, which ended with a bloody war waged by Israel against our people in the Gaza Strip at the end of 2008.Also the two years period provides an extra time for the expanding of the settlements and the confiscation of more lands, what practically cut off the road on the possibility of a «viable» Palestinian state even with the American conditions.

DFLP stressed that the most dangerous about Fabius’ initiative, is leaving the Central Council resolutions Off, in stopping the security coordination, boycotting the Israeli economy, developing the uprising into a full popular uprising, and internationalizing the Palestinian issue and its national rights in the United Nations General Assembly and in front of the International Criminal Court, the International Council for Human Rights, and the International Court of Justice in The Hague, and in providing the political cover for the uprising of youth ,and in declaring the extension of the Palestinian national sovereignty over every inch of the land of the State of Palestine and its capital Jerusalem on the fourth of June 67 borders, and in providing the international protection for our people, and in calling on the international community to disarm the legitimacy of the occupation, and the isolation of the Zionist regime, through political and economic deterrent measures, in the face of the daily violation of the resolutions of the international legitimacy, and committing war crimes against humanity in its procedures and its repressive practices against our people, in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and the imposition of collective siege on our people in the Gaza Strip.

DFLP called at the end of its statement, to drop the delusion of betting on the mysterious French initiative, and to develop a unified national position, and to reject any initiatives, and to adopt the intifada option and the decisions of the Palestinian Central Council as pillars of a new and alternative strategy that can lead our cause towards achieving the goals of our people in the salvation of the occupation and settlement, and the establishment of full sovereignty and independent Palestinian state and its capital is East Jerusalem, and the application of UN resolution 194 and the return of Palestinian refugees to the homes and property which they were evicted since 1948.

Bureau of Central Information
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

January 27, 2016

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