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DFLP: Trump slaps the world and dominates Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Palestine

A spokesman for the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine made the following statement:

The American president gave a big blow to the whole world, regarding Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Palestine, by recognizing it as the capital of Israel. He also resorted to falsifying the facts, devoid of the feelings of millions of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, defying the will of international legitimacy and its resolutions, to push the region into the big explosion.

He added that the policy of waiting will not work, and the bet on the United States has failed for the thousandth time forcing the Palestinian political leadership to take a position that responds to the seriousness of the American aggressive step and saves the capital of the State of Palestine from the Israeli-American robbery by returning to the Palestinian national program and abandoning the illusion of a political solution sponsored by the United States. As well as returning to the General Assembly of the United Nations to request the active membership for the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital under "the United for Peace" resolution and to resort to the International Criminal Court to submit lawsuits against Israeli war criminals who committed crimes against our people.

The spokesman called on the Arab peoples and their political forces to shoulder their national responsibilities towards Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause and to pressure their leaders to take measures at the level of nationalist responsibility, including the boycott of the United States, its administration, US goods and interests in the region.

The Spokesman of the Front saluted the Secretary General of the United Nations, who was at the forefront of the defenders of the resolutions of international legitimacy in the face of the American aggressive position on Jerusalem. He also paid tribute to the heroic masses of our Palestinian people and its political forces for uniting around Jerusalem and every inch of the land of Palestine in the areas of the 48 , the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Diaspora and to the masses of our Arab peoples, calling for the continuation of the days of anger and demonstrations on the path of awakening the Intifada and resistance towards the national disobedience in an open popular war until the occupation and settlement carries its stick and departs from our independent state.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
December 7, 2017


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